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A Lot Has Happened In The Last 3 Years

It certainly makes me think. Please don’t consider it just a bunch of political hog-wash and trash it. Read it carefully, think about it, research it, item by item.  A lot has happened in the last 3 years, WOW.  It’s not what I had expected to happen within our country.  How about you? ================================================================== WHEN - he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - it was pointed out that he was a total newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - his voting record in the Illinois Senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he surrounded himself in the White House with advisors who were pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he said he favors sex education in kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - his personal background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco - a man of questionable character and who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home - people said it didn't matter. WHEN - it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he started appointing White House Czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist /Communists, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he stood before the Nation and told us that his intentions were to "fundamentally transform this Nation" into something else, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he appointed cabinet members and several advisors who were tax cheats and socialists, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he appointed a Science Czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he appointed Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar who believes in "Explicit Consent," harvesting human organs without family consent and allowing animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual and organizer of a group called Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network as Safe School Czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he appointed Mark Lloyd as Diversity Czar who believes in curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth, who supports Hugo Chavez, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - Valerie Jarrett, an avowed Socialist, was selected as Obama's Senior White House Advisor, people said it didn't matter, WHEN - Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for inspiration, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he appointed Carol Browner, a well known socialist as Global Warming Czar working on Cap and Trade as the nation's largest tax, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as Green Energy Czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, people said it didn't matter.  (Valerie Jarrett is a long time promoter of Van Jones). WHEN - Tom Daschle, Obama's pick for Health and Human Services Secretary could not be confirmed because he was a tax cheat, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - as President of the United States, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - his actions concerning the Middle East seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel, our long time ally, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to the United States, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense system against the Russians, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops early-on when the Field Commanders said they were necessary to win, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions, and individuals that got him elected, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc., people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he claimed he was a Christian during the election and tapes were later made public that showed Obama speaking to a Muslim group and 'stating' that he was raised a Muslim, was educated as a Muslim, and is still a Muslim, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy in the United States through Cap and Trade, people said it didn't matter. WHEN - he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State, people woke up--- but it was too late. Add these up one by one and you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama is determined to turn America into a Marxist-Socialist society. All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place. All can be documented very easily. Before you disavow this, do an Internet search. The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone. You and I will write that paragraph. Will it read as above or will it be a more happy ending for most of America? Don't just belittle the opposition. Search for the truth. We all need to pull together or watch the demise of a free society. Pray for Americans to seek the truth and take action for it will keep us FREE. Our biggest enemy is not China, Russia, North Korea or Iran. Our biggest enemy is a contingent of politicians in Washington, DC . The government will not help, so we need to do it ourselves. Question....will you delete this, or pass it on to others who don't know about Obama's actions and plans for the USA, so that they may know how to vote in November, 2012 and the ensuing years? It's your decision. I believe it does matter. How about you? WHEN - November 2012 comes, it will matter who you vote for!  

Good Joke 4 U

Subject: Good Joke     A Marine squad was marching north of Fallujah when they came upon an Iraqi terrorist who was badly injured and unconscious. On the opposite side of the road was an American Marine in a similar but less serious state. The Marine was conscious and alert and as first aid was given to both men, the squad leader asked the injured Marine what had happened. The Marine reported, I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway here, and coming south was a heavily armed insurgent. We saw each other and both took cover in the ditches along the road.   I yelled,"Saddam Hussein was a miserable, lowlife scum bag who got what he deserved."   He yelled back, "Barack Obama is a lying, good-for-nothing, left Wing Commie who isn't even an American."   I said, "Osama Bin Laden dressed and acts like a frigid, mean-spirited lesbian!"   He retaliated by yelling, "Oh yeah? Well, so does Nancy Pelosi!."   And, there we were, in the middle of the road, shaking hands, when a truck hit us. 4
Politically Correct ESPN strikes again! *************************************************** "Monday Night 11/14/2011 at Lambeau" Green Bay Packers Versus The Minnesota Vikings (Veterans Day Was November 11, 2011) This is what ESPN failed to show you that Monday night!!! Apparently they thought their commercials were more important than showing this scene for about 5 seconds!!! It was stunning and only here in Green Bay !!! Took 90 people to set this up taking a whole week! =

When U Look into Mirror Who Do U See?

      December 30, 2011   Grassfire Nation Update   Dear Patriot,   Who do you see in a mirror?   The Left wants you to see a radical, fanatic whose anger and actions represent a serious threat to the security of our nation.   That’s why they are so eager to demonize conservatives and Tea Party Americans. They know that we are the last obstacle -- the last stumbling block holding them back from unleashing a radicalized statist agenda that could potentially transform our nation for generations to come.   Limited government and the Constitution mean nothing to them. And because you embrace both, you are the enemy!   So who do you see in a mirror?   If you see yourself as a constitutional conservative, a supporter of the Tea Party, we have something for you.   Click here now to receive your free gift:   Patriot, our national “I Am the Tea Party” initiative is beginning to take hold at a critical time when the Left is blaming the ills of our nation on conservatives.   We are the ones to blame for our tanking jobs market, for our crumbling economy, for our abysmal outlook. To them, we are the ones who are making life so difficult for those truly committed to helping turn the nation around.   Sadly, they are winning the battle.   More and more Americans are starting to believe what the liberal media are telling them about conservatives and Tea Party Americans.   That’s why Grassfire Nation and Patriot Action Network is urging ALL members of our team to sign our “I Am the Tea Party” petition -- to send a message of unwavering solidarity to the Left that we will not be bullied, intimidated or silenced!   We will not be marginalized and left cowering in a corner.   On the contrary!   We will stand up, united and boldly proclaim that WE ARE THE TEA PARTY!   If when you look in the mirror you see yourself as a patriot during this critical time in our history, click below and stand with us:   Together we can rally, mobilize and equip hundreds of thousands of fellow patriots to stand against these Leftist attacks -- neutralizing their radical strategy!   Thank you for taking a stand for liberty and limited government! Grassfire Nation and Patriot Action Network     Happy New Year Patriots!   2012: The Year of the Tea Party!     Send A Message For 2012... "Don't Tread On Me!"   Leave no doubt where you stand as the epic 2012 cycle gets into full swing with the "Don't Tread On Me" 2012 bumper sticker and t-shirt. Order two of our exclusive bumper stickers featuring the "Don't Tread On Me" snake from the historic Gadsden Flag which has become the symbol of the Tea Party movement… for just $5   Get Two Stickers FREE When You Order The "Don't Tread 2012" T-Shirt! Or, order the "Don't Tread 2012" T-Shirt for just $20 and we'll include two bumper stickers as our gift to you. This is a great way to let others know where you stand. Grassroots Action PO Box 277 Maxwell,IA 50161

New High: 48% Say Most Members of Congress Are Corrupt - Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢

New High: 48% Say Most Members of Congress Are Corrupt - Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢

Who Said It....Quiz?

Who Said It ---Quiz?  This is a fun quiz. Listed below are 10 direct quotes. You have to guess which American politician said it. Your four choices are: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Former VP Dan Quayle President Barack Obama Former President George W. Bush Ready? Here we go! Who said it? 1)  "Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of  Israel " A. Barack Obama B. Dan Quayle  C. Sarah Palin D. George W. Bush 2) "I've now been in 57 states I think one left to go." A. Barack Obama B. Dan Quayle C. Sarah Palin  D. George W. Bush 3) "On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience here today. A. Barack Obama  B. Dan Quayle C. Sarah Palin D. George W. Bush 4) "What they'll say is, 'Well it costs too much money,' but you know what? It would cost, about. It it would cost about the same as what we would spend. It. Over the course of 10 years it would cost what it would costs us. (nervous laugh) All right. Okay. We're going to do it. It would cost us about the same as it would cost for about hold on one second. I can't hear myself. But I'm glad you're fired up, though. I'm glad." A. Barack Obama    B. Dan Quayle C. Sarah Palin D. George W. Bush 5) "The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system."  A. Barack Obama  B. Dan Quayle C. Sarah Palin D. George W. Bush (6) "I bowled a 129. It's like - it was like the Special Olympics, or something." A. Barack Obama  B. Dan Quayle  C. Sarah Palin  D. George W. Bush 7) "Of the many responsibilities granted to a president by our Constitution, few are more serious or more consequential than selecting a Supreme Court justice. The members of our highest court are granted life tenure, often serving long after the presidents who appointed them. And they are charged with the vital task of applying principles put to paper more than 20 centuries ago to some of the most difficult questions of our time." A. Barack Obama  B. Dan Quayle C. Sarah Palin D. George W. Bush 8) "Everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma, they end up taking up a hospital bed, it costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early and they got some treatment, and a, a breathalyzer, or inhalator, not a breathalyzer. I haven't had much sleep in the last 48 hours. A. Barack Obama B. Dan Quayle    C. Sarah Palin  D. George W. Bush 9) "It was interesting to see that political interaction in Europe  is not that different from the United States Senate. There's a lot of I don't know what the term is in Austrian, wheeling and dealing." A. Barack Obama  B. Dan Quayle  C. Sarah Palin D. George W. Bush 10) "I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future." A. Barack Obama B. Dan Quayle C. Sarah Palin D. George W. Bush     This was a trick quiz. All of the correct answers are the same person. Each of these quotes are directly from President Barack Obama. And now you know why he brings his teleprompter with him everywhere he goes ...even when talking to a 6th grade class. And some members of the media continue to insist he is "The smartest man ever elected to the Presidency". Yeah Right. Send it to all your family and friends so they can see what an #*%^# he is!   

Key to school improvement: Reading, writing, arithmetic ... and character?

Key to school improvement: Reading, writing, arithmetic ... and character?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ronald Reagan Tells His Best Jokes Dear Reader, Ronald Reagan was a funny man. Known as "The Great Communicator," the former president made his clever use of humor into one of his strongest communication skills. This is well-demonstrated by his legacy of jokes and funny stories. He joked with foreign leaders, the press, and ordinary citizens. He used belly laughs rather than bombs to negotiate with and overcome our political enemies — even the Soviet Union. Because Reagan's use of humor was so effective — and in celebration of what would have been his 101st birthday — Newsmax created a short video for you about Ronald Reagan's greatest laughs. When you watch this brief FREE video, you'll discover: How you can grab a full-length CD of Reagan's best jokes, wisecracks,      and funny stories for just one dollar . . . How to use Reagan's humor and wit to improve your own communication      skills for business and relationships . . . How Reagan used humor and jokes to connect with the American public      and take on his political opponents, both American and foreign . . . Plus much, much more . . . So Take a Couple of Minutes to Watch This Brief. FREE Video About Ronald Reagan Right Now We are very fortunate to have this special legacy from our 40th president available right now, on a CD you can get for your own home library for just a single dollar bill (see the video for details). You'll also enjoy fond memories of Ronald Reagan during this commemoration of his 101st birthday in 2012. Please watch this video now. I'm not sure how long it will be up, and I'd hate for you to miss out . . . Best wishes, Nancy Harrington Vice President Newsmax Media P.S. Honor the memory of our 40th president now — click here to see the video.

The Truth About Teacher Pay

The Truth About Teacher Pay. Stop unions. Institute merit pay for the best teachers. Last in...first out not a good retention policy. What are we really getting for the money.

Badwater Basin: Death Valley microbe may spark novel biotech and nanotech uses

Badwater Basin: Death Valley microbe may spark novel biotech and nanotech uses

Gingrich Unloads on Paul: Worse Than Obama - 2012 Decoded

Gingrich Unloads on Paul: Worse Than Obama - 2012 Decoded

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

60% Still See Government As The Problem, Political Class Disagrees - Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢

60% Still See Government As The Problem, Political Class Disagrees - Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢

The Southern States. God Lov'em

    Alabama A group of Alabama friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos for the day. That night, one of the hunters returned alone, staggering under the weight of an eight-point buck. "Where's Henry?" the others asked. "Henry had a stroke o' some kind. He's a couple of miles back up the trail," the successful hunter replied. "You left Henry layin' out there and carried the deer back?" they inquired. "A tough call," nodded the hunter. "But I figured no one's gonna steal Henry!" Georgia The owner of a golf course in Georgia was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said, "Y'all graduated from the University of Georgia and I need some help. If I wuz to give yew $20,000, minus 14%, how much would you take off?" The secretary thought a moment, and then replied, "Everthang but my earrings."   Louisiana A senior citizen in Louisiana was overheard saying ... "When the end of the world comes, I hope to be in Louisiana ." When asked why, he replied, "I'd rather be in Louisiana 'cause everythang happens in Louisiana 20 years later than in the rest of the world."   Mississippi The young man from Mississippi came running into the store and said to his buddy, "Bubba, somebody just stole your pickup truck from the parking lot!" Bubba replied, "Did y'all see who it was?" The young man answered, "I couldn't tell, but I got the license number."   North Carolina A man in North Carolina had a flat tire, pulled off on the side of the road, and proceeded to put a bouquet of flowers in front of the car and one behind it. Then he got back in the car to wait. A passerby studied the scene as he drove by, and was so curious he turned around and went back. He asked the fellow what the problem was. The man replied, "I got a flat tahr." The passerby asked, "But what's with the flowers?" The man responded, "When you break down they tell you to put flares in the front and flares in the back. I never did understand it neither."   Tennessee A Tennessee State trooper pulled over a pickup on I-65. The trooper asked, "Got any ID?" The driver replied, "Bout whut?"   Texas The Sheriff pulled up next to the guy unloading garbage out of his pick-up into the ditch. The Sheriff asked, "Why are you dumping garbage in the ditch? Don't you see that sign right over your head." "Yep," he replied. "That's why I'm dumpin' it here, 'cause it says: 'Fine For Dumping Garbage.' " *** Y'all kin say whut y'all want 'about the South, but y'all never heard o' nobody retirin' an' movin' North!  

FW: Veteran of the year award

Many people may have forgotten about his time in the U.S.Army. He is the son of an Air Force General, and an accomplished Golden Gloves boxer, and he graduated from Pomona College with a B.S. degree, and then became a Rhodes Scholar from Oxford University. He joined the U.S. Army at the prompting of his father.  After graduating from Officer Candidate School he attended and graduated from both Army Airborne and Ranger training in the very top of each class. He was selected for U. S. Army Special Forces Training but refused so that he could attend pilot training where he earned his wings, and became an accomplished U.S. Army helicopter (gun ship) pilot, and achieved the rank of Captain. He was about to be promoted to the rank of Major, and appointed to teach at West Point when he resigned his commission from the Army to go into music and acting. You can tell in this video that his time in the military means a lot to him. I won't give away who it is. You should just watch.  

Christian Panties Humor 4 u.

CHRISTIAN PANTIES : A MUST WATCH....Its clean and  very funny  

Congressional Reform Act 2012...Support it Now!

Winds of Change.... Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around. _*Congressional Reform Act of 2011*_ 1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office. 2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose. 3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do. 4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%. 5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people. 6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people. 7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work. If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S. ) to receive the message. Don't you think it's time? THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS! If you agree with the above, pass it on. If not, just delete. You are one of my 20+ - Please keep it going, and thanks.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls - Rasmussen Reports™

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls - Rasmussen Reports™

What and Who Christmas is About

Christmas is a time of year where the even the skeptics are little happier...(don't ask them to admit though).  We often get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of going, and doing, and shopping...that we forget to SLOW DOWN and reflect on just WHAT and WHO Christmas is about. Pull over. Put it in park. Relax. Reflect. And when you think of all the goodness and blessings, even amidst all the real life activities, you will begin to smile. Reflect on the goodness and joy and blessings a little more... walk a little lighter... you're really catch someone whistling...and it's YOU!   Lets keep that "Happy Holiday Reflection", that "Merry Christmas Remembrance" going through out the Holiday Season and enter 2012 saying-   "Together WE WILL Get This Done!"     "God Bless all, and to all a Good night." ----------------   Conservatism- Learn it. Love it. Live it.   BE CONSERVATIVE. WIN!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chicago Rules vs 2012 Election

Chicago rules       As we get closer and closer to the 2012 election, it's important to remember The Rules we play by. The Rules are taken from the Chicago playbook of rules where they are simply known as... Chicago Rules. Chicago Rules are illustrated by the six photographs below: Rod Blagojevich is the former Illinois Governor who tried to sell Obama's seat in Congress. Obama was asked by the press if he had ever met Gov. Rod Blagojevich. He replied: "I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time ... And that was in the stands and from a distance at a Chicago Bears Football Game." Of course, you can believe him - he's our President The picture below? That's irrelevant. Rod Blagojevich, Barack Obama, and Richard Daley during a rally in Chicago , April 16, 2007. (Photo Reuters) Note: Rahm Emanual has replaced Daley as Mayor! And Daley's brother has replaced Rahm as a chief adviser to the president. But you don't need to know all this. Rahm, the new Mayor of Chicago You have to understand "the world according to Chicago ." Chicago is almost a completely different country when it comes to politics. Chicago even has a different set of morals and language. There are three rules and a Prime Directive. RULE #1. No matter what you see, hear, or do -- you don't know anybody & you know nothing! RULE #2. If you capture something on tape or camera -- it reveals nothing! RULE #3. If you know what everybody else in Chicago knows -- you still know nothing. The PRIME DIRECTIVE ...No matter what the vote, Democrats win the election. Now pay close attention! It's very simple. Remember, you know nothing. These two? They never met! Obama said they didn't.. These two? Who are they? The guy on the left? He's Santa Claus. And the guy on the right.... he's the Easter Bunny! That's all you need to know. These two? Don't ask. Remember Jimmy Hoffa? He knew too much. Where is he now? Don't ask. Do you understand? Don't look at these pictures! Remember, you've already forgotten them..... Do you understand? They don't know each other and they never met! How is that possible? BECAUSE OBAMA SAID SO! And - don't - you - fergit - it! as a wise old Cartoon Character used to say! P.S. If you pass this on to your friends: you know nothing and they will know nothing. (By the way... how's that "Hope and Change" working out for you?)   In God We Trust.

He and I See the Problem! Can You?

THIS IS AS  GOOD AS IT GETS! GOD BLESS EVERYONE WHO READS  THIS AND PASSES IT ON. I FIND IT  INTERESTING THAT A HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL CAN SEE  THE PROBLEM, BUT OUR SOCIETY  CANNOT Tennessee  Football This  is a statement that was read over the PA sytem  at the football game at Roane  County High  School , Kingston , Tennessee by school  Principal, Jody McLeod "It  has always been the custom at Roane County High  School football games, to say a prayer and play  the National Anthem, to honor God and Country." Due  to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am  told that saying a Prayer is a violation of  Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at  this time, I can use this public facility to  approve of sexual perversion and call it "an  alternate life style," and if someone is  offended, that's OK. I  can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by  dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex."  If someone is offended, that's  OK. I  can even use this public facility to present the  merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable!  Means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem... I  can designate a school day as "Earth Day" and  involve students in activities to worship  religiously and praise the goddess "Mother  Earth" and call it "ecology.." I  can use literature, videos and presentations in  the classroom that depicts people with strong,  traditional Christian convictions as "simple minded" and "ignorant" and call it  "enlightenment.." However,  if anyone uses this facility to honor GOD and to  ask HIM to Bless this event with safety and good  sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated. This  appears to be inconsistent at best, and at  worst, diabolical. Apparently, we are to be  tolerant of everything and anyone, except GOD and HIS Commandments. Nevertheless  , as a school principal, I frequently ask staff  and students to abide by rules with which they  do not necessarily agree. For me to do otherwise  would be inconsistent at best, and at worst,  hypocritical. I suffer from that affliction  enough unintentionally. I certainly do not need  to add an intentional  transgression. For  this reason, I shall "Render unto Caesar that  which is Caesar's," and refrain from praying at  this time. "  However, if you feel inspired to honor, praise  and thank GOD and ask HIM,in the name of JESUS,  to Bless this event, please feel free to do  so.. As  far as I know, that's not against the  law----yet." One  by one, the people in the stands bowed their  heads, held hands with one another and began to  pray. They  prayed in the stands. They prayed in the team  huddles. They prayed at the concession stand and  they prayed in the Announcer's  Box! The  only place they didn't pray was in the Supreme  Court of the United States of America- the Seat  of "Justice" in the "one nation, under  GOD." Somehow,  Kingston , Tennessee Remembered what so many  have forgotten. We are given the Freedom OF  Religion, not the  FreedomFROM  ReligionPraise GOD that HIS remnant remains! JESUS  said, "If you are ashamed of ME before men, then  I will be ashamed of you before MY  FATHER.." If  you are not ashamed, pass this on  ... I'm not  one bit ashamed to pass this on, Are  you?

This should be Branded on Forehead of Senate/House Member

Classic!!!   It should be engraved in stone at the front of the Capitol.  “Witnessing the Republicans and the Democrats bicker over the U.S. debt is like watching two drunks argue over a bar bill on the Titanic.”  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A View of a Very Young MD

The view of a young doctor   Diagnosis, prognosis and cure in just three (3) short paragraphs !!! If you doubt any part of what Dr. Jones says, go visit your local hospital emergency room as an observer for an hour or so some Friday or Saturday night. See how many responsible people you can send this to !!! Pictured below is a young physician by the name of Dr. Starner Jones. His short two-paragraph letter to the White House accurately puts the blame on a "Culture Crisis" instead of a "Health Care Crisis". It's worth a quick read:   Dear Mr. President: During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ring tone. While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as "Medicaid"! During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one costly pack of cigarettes every day and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer. And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman's health care? I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture", a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. It is a culture based on the irresponsible credo that "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me". Once you fix this "culture crisis" that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you'll be amazed at how quickly our nation's health care difficulties will disappear. Respectfully, STARNER JONES, MD If you agree...pass it on. YES YES YES

From A Florida ER Doctor- Very Disturbing / A MUST READ!!!

Isn't it just sad, what this country has come to??? I get so flabbergasted when I see stuff like this.  If it is true... shame on us... we are just plain STUPID!!!                  .. WHEN TAX PAYING AMERICANS VOTE NEXT NOVEMBER, JUST WHAT PART OF THE FOLLOWING DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND?   From A Florida ER Doctor- Very Disturbing / A MUST READ!!!     ----- Having spent three weeks in a hospital in Naples, Florida with my wife I couldn't help noticing what was going on in the hospital and I had a lot of time to talk to the doctors and nurses about what I had observed.  Below is a commentary from an ER Doctor.  Do you think this might be a big reason our health care system and our social security system are so screwed up?  Do you think this might be a big reason our taxes keep going up?  Who do you think these people are going to vote for?    From a Florida ER doctor: "I live and work in a state overrun with illegals.. They make more money having kids than we earn working full-time. Today I had a 25-year old with 8 kids - that's right 8; all illegal anchor babies and she had the nicest nails, cell phone, hand bag, clothing, etc. She makes about $1,500 monthly for each; you do the math. I used to say, We are the dumbest nation on earth. Now I must say and sadly admit: WE are the dumbest people on earth (that includes ME) for we elected the idiot ideologues who have passed the bills that allow this. Sorry, but we need a revolution. Vote them all out in 2012. "     --- REMEMBER --- IN NOVEMBER 2012, WE HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO CLEAN OUT THE ENTIRE HOUSE AND ONE-THIRD OF THE SENATE!     This is an insult and a kick in the butt to all of us... Get mad and pass it on - I don't know how, but maybe some good will come of this travesty.   If the immigrant is over 65, they can apply for SSI and Medicaid and get more than a woman on Social Security, who worked from 1944 until 2004. She is only getting $791 per month because she was born in 1924 and there's a 'catch 22.' It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1,890.  Each can also obtain an additional $580 in social assistance, for a total of $2,470 a month. This compares to a single pensioner, who after contributing to the growth and development of America for 40 to 50 years, can only receive a monthly maximum of $1,012 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement. Maybe our pensioners should apply as refugees! Consider sending this to all your American friends, so we can all be ticked off and maybe get the refugees cut back to $1,012 and the pensioners up to $2,470.  Then we can enjoy some of the money we were forced to submit to the Government over the last 40 or 50 or 60 years. And not to receive a increase for 2010 or 2011. Vote them all out of office...    Please forward this to every American to expose what our elected politicians have been doing for the past 11 years to over-taxed Americans.   SEND THIS TO EVERY AMERICAN TAXPAYER YOU KNOW.   (Yea folks, the flagship bank this person worked for is one of the most egregious offenders of making all those loans that all those illegal immigrants and welfare recipients couldn’t afford; and then took their bail out money and bought a couple competitors; leaving the rest of the folks in those neighborhoods affected to go deeply underwater and eventually unable to refinance out of those slick “interest only payment loans” and “option arms.” Of course we all know the domino effect that followed with widespread unemployment and massive numbers of consumer bankruptcy filings.)   The nation’s banking elite are not stupid of course; nor are our politcal leaders. Criminally negligent . . . maybe? . . . Probably? . . . Sell outs? Definitly!   Welcome, you are now a member of the newest minority group in the U.S. (Those who have carried the load for those who won’t; we are members of the former middle class!)   You are also a member of the newest majority group soon to be in effect. (Former members of the middle class who have filed Bankruptcy as a result) At least we are all equally poor!   Meanwhile, they just keep on giving it away up there on the hill. (At least until the next election is over and no one is left to pay taxes)   It’s not just time to vote the incumbants out; its time to elect someone who actually has some kind of intellect besides the self-serving kind.    The bad thing is that the story above is only the tip of the iceberg! Please start working now to get out a vote to clean out the rat’s nest. It’s not a money raising issue. It’s a vote counting issue! Let there be a ground swell of revolt from the people who can make a difference. US!   Bemoaning the state of affairs won’t work. We have already “out-silenced”  ourselves. Until the present beneficiaries of the current system understand they are next, the middle class as we have known it is doomed. Rather than “Democrat” or “Republican” or “Tea Party” or “Occupier” arguments, we need to focus on “Are you next?” arguments!  It is clear. The signs are all around us. The commitment from ALL of Capital Hill is to the rest of the world’s governments, NOT us, The Hill’s  own constituency!   In my opinion, if we don’t take back control,  we might as well move our productive capacity to someplace that understands our value and is willing to reward us for it; not plot to deprive us of the fruits of out genius and labor so they can set themselves up as the power elite.  “Silence” is only “Golden” to Capital Hill.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Human Kindness a Touching Storyq

  When we get older we think differently don't we? This is a touching story.  Just when you have lost faith in human kindness, someone who teaches at Kean Elementary in Wooster , Ohio, forwarded the following letter: The letter was sent to the Principal's office after the school had sponsored a luncheon for the elderly.  An old lady received a new radio at the lunch as a door prize and was writing to say thank you.. This story is a credit to all humankind. Forward to anyone you know who might need a lift today.   Dear Kean Elementary:    God bless you for the beautiful radio I won at your recent senior citizens luncheon. I am 84 years old and live at the Sprenger Home for the Aged. All of my family has passed away.  I am all alone now and it's nice to know that someone is thinking of me.  God bless you for your kindness to an old forgotten lady.  My roommate is 95 and has always had her own radio, but before I received one, she would never let me listen to hers, even when she was napping.   The other day her radio fell off the night stand and broke into a lot of pieces. It was awful and she was in tears. Her distress over the broken radio touched me and I knew this was God's way of answering my prayers.  She asked if she could listen to mine, and I told her to kiss my ass.   Thank you for that opportunity.   Sincerely,   Agnes Baker   'Sort of brings a tear to the eyes, doesn't it?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Iran UAV Will Not Expose Latest Technology | AVIATION WEEK

Iran UAV Will Not Expose Latest Technology | AVIATION WEEK

Do As I Say, NOT As I DO! Another Vacation 4 The Obamas

The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release November 09, 2011 Executive Order 13589 -- Promoting Efficient Spending EXECUTIVE ORDER PROMOTING EFFICIENT SPENDING By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to further promote efficient spending in the Federal Government, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1.  Policy.  My Administration is committed to cutting waste in Federal Government spending and identifying opportunities to promote efficient and effective spending.  The Federal Government performs critical functions that support the basic protections that Americans have counted on for decades.  As they serve taxpayers, executive departments and agencies (agencies) also must act in a fiscally responsible manner, including by minimizing their costs, in order to perform these mission critical functions in the most efficient, cost effective way.  As such, I have pursued an aggressive agenda for reducing administrative costs since taking office and, most recently, within my Fiscal Year 2012 Budget.  Building on this effort, I direct agency heads to take even more aggressive steps to ensure the Government is a good steward of taxpayer money. Sec. 2.  Agency Reduction Targets.  Each agency shall establish a plan for reducing the combined costs associated with the activities covered by sections 3 through 7 of this order, as well as activities included in the Administrative Efficiency Initiative in the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget, by not less than 20 percent below Fiscal Year 2010 levels, in Fiscal Year 2013.  Agency plans for meeting this target shall be submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) within 45 days of the date of this order.  The OMB shall monitor implementation of these plans consistent with Executive Order 13576 of June 13, 2011 (Delivering an Efficient, Effective, and Accountable Government). Sec. 3.  Travel.  (a)  Agency travel is important to the effective functioning of Government and certain activities can be performed only by traveling to a different location.  However, to ensure efficient travel spending, agencies are encouraged to devise strategic alternatives to Government travel, including local or technological alternatives, such as teleconferencing and video conferencing.  Agencies should make all appropriate efforts to conduct business and host or sponsor conferences in space controlled by the Federal Government, wherever practicable and cost effective.  Lastly, each agency should review its policies associated with domestic civilian permanent change of duty station travel (relocations), including eligibility rules, to identify ways to reduce costs and ensure appropriate controls are in place. (b)  Each agency, agency component, and office of inspector general should designate a senior level official to be responsible for developing and implementing policies and controls to ensure efficient spending on travel and conference related activities, consistent with subsection (a) of this section. Sec. 4.  Employee Information Technology Devices.  Agencies should assess current device inventories and usage, and establish controls, to ensure that they are not paying for unused or underutilized information technology (IT) equipment, installed software, or services.  Each agency should take steps to limit the number of IT devices (e.g., mobile phones, smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, and tablet personal computers) issued to employees, consistent with the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 (Public Law 111 292), operational requirements (including continuity of operations), and initiatives designed to create efficiency through the effective implementation of technology.  To promote further efficiencies in IT, agencies should consider the implementation of appropriate agency-wide IT solutions that consolidate activities such as desktop services, email, and collaboration tools. Sec. 5.  Printing.  Agencies are encouraged to limit the publication and printing of hard copy documents and to presume that information should be provided in an electronic form, whenever practicable, permitted by law, and consistent with applicable records retention requirements.  Agencies should consider using acquisition vehicles developed by the OMB's Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative to acquire printing and copying devices and services. Sec. 6.  Executive Fleet Efficiencies.  The President's Memorandum of May 24, 2011 (Federal Fleet Performance) directed agencies to improve the performance of the Federal fleet of motor vehicles by increasing the use of vehicle technologies, optimizing fleet size, and improving agency fleet management.  Building upon this effort, agencies should limit executive transportation. Sec. 7.  Extraneous Promotional Items.  Agencies should limit the purchase of promotional items (e.g., plaques, clothing, and commemorative items), in particular where they are not cost-effective. Sec. 8.  General Provisions.  (a)  Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect: (i)    authority granted by law to a department or agency, or the head thereof; (ii)   functions of the Director of OMB related to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals; or (iii)  the authority of inspectors general under the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended. (b)  This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations. (c)  Independent agencies are requested to adhere to this order. (d)  This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person. BARACK OBAMA THE WHITE HOUSE, November 9, 2011. BLOG POSTS ON THIS ISSUE December 06, 2011 2:50 PM EST From the Archives: President Teddy Roosevelt's New Nationalism Speech Read the full text of President Teddy Roosevelt's "new nationalism" speech, given more than 100 years ago in Osawatomie, Kansas. November 29, 2011 5:05 PM EST By the Numbers: 141,000 Intellectual property theft is not a victimless crime. Sales of pirated DVDs alone cost our economy 141,000 jobs annually. November 29, 2011 4:04 PM EST Bargain Hunters Be Wary The Obama Administration is launching a public awareness campaign to combat the purchase and sale of counterfeit and pirated products VIEW ALL RELATED BLOG POSTS Stay Connected FacebookTwitterFlickr MySpace YouTubeVimeoiTunesLinkedIn  Home The White House Blog Photos & Videos Photo Galleries Video Live Streams Podcasts Briefing Room Your Weekly Address Speeches & Remarks Press Briefings Statements & Releases White House Schedule Presidential Actions Legislation Nominations & Appointments Disclosures Issues Civil Rights Defense Disabilities Economy Education Energy & Environment Ethics Family Fiscal Responsibility Foreign Policy Health Care Homeland Security Immigration Poverty Rural Seniors & Social Security Service Taxes Technology Urban Policy Veterans Women Additional Issues The Administration President Barack Obama Vice President Joe Biden First Lady Michelle Obama Dr. Jill Biden The Cabinet White House Staff Executive Office of the President Other Advisory Boards About the White House Interactive Tour History Presidents First Ladies The Oval Office The Vice President's Residence & Office Eisenhower Executive Office Building Camp David Air Force One White House Fellows White House Internships Tours & Events Inside the White House Our Government The Executive Branch The Legislative Branch The Judicial Branch The Constitution Federal Agencies & Commissions Elections & Voting State & Local Government Resources

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obama Care, SCOTUS, & 2012 Election


This story is new to me - hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The "W" in Christmas Each December, I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I had cut back on nonessential obligations - extensive card writing, endless baking, decorating, and even overspending. Yet still, I found myself exhausted, unable to appreciate the precious family moments, and of course, the true meaning of Christmas. My son, Nicholas, was in kindergarten that year. It was an exciting season for a six year old. For weeks, he'd been memorizing songs for his school's "Winter Pageant." I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd be working the night of the production. Unwilling to miss his shining moment, I spoke with his teacher. She assured me there'd be a dress rehearsal the morning of the presentation. All parents unable to attend that evening were welcome to come then. Fortunately, Nicholas seemed happy with the compromise. So, the morning of the dress rehearsal, I filed in ten minutes early, found a spot on the cafeteria floor and sat down. Around the room, I saw several other parents quietly scampering to their seats. As I waited, the students were led into the room. Each class, accompanied by their teacher, sat cross-legged on the floor. Then, each group, one by one, rose to perform their song. Because the public school system had long stopped referring to the holiday as "Christmas," I didn't expect anything other than fun, commercial entertainment songs of reindeer, Santa Claus, snowflakes and good cheer. So, when my son's class rose to sing, "Christmas Love," I was slightly taken aback by its bold title. Nicholas was aglow, as were all of his classmates, adorned in fuzzy mittens, red sweaters, and bright snowcaps upon their heads. Those in the front row- center stage - held up large letters, one by one, to spell out the title of the song. As the class would sing "C is for Christmas," a child would hold up the letter C. Then, "H is for Happy," and on and on, until each child holding up his portion had presented the complete message, "Christmas Love." The performance was going smoothly, until suddenly, we noticed her; a small, quiet, girl in the front row holding the letter "M" upside down - totally unaware her letter "M" appeared as a "W". The audience of 1st through 6th graders snickered at this little one's mistake. But she had no idea they were laughing at her, so she stood tall, proudly holding her "W". Although many teachers tried to shush the children, the laughter continued until the last letter was raised, and we all saw it together. A hush came over the audience and eyes began to widen. In that instant, we understood the reason we were there, why we celebrated the holiday in the first place, why even in the chaos, there was a purpose for our festivities. For when the last letter was held high, the message read loud and clear: "C H R I S T W A S L O V E" And, I believe, He still is.

Hope We Find GOD Again B4 It'sToo Late

 Remarks from CBS Sunday morning   This is really something to think about.   Only hope we find GOD again before it is too late ! !  The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday  Morning  Commentary. My confession:  I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish.  And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees, Christmas trees...  I don't feel threatened..  I don't          feel discriminated against.. That's what they are, Christmas trees.  It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, 'Merry Christmas' to me.  I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto.  In fact, I kind of like it.  It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach house in Malibu .  If people want a creche, it's just as fine with me as is the Menorah a few hundred yards away.  I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew, and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians.  I think people who believe in God are sick and tired of getting pushed around, period.  I have no idea where the concept came from, that America is an explicitly atheist country.  I can't find it in the Constitution and I don't like it being shoved down my throat.  Or maybe I can put it another way: where did the idea come from that we should worship celebrities and we aren't allowed to worship God as we understand Him?  I guess that's a sign that I'm getting old, too.  But there are a lot of us who are wondering where these celebrities came from and where the America we knew went to.  In light of the many jokes we send to one another for a laugh, this is a little different:  This is not intended to be a joke; it's not funny, it's intended to get you thinking.  Billy Graham's daughter was interviewed on the Early Show and Jane Clayson asked her 'How could God let something like this happen?' (regarding Hurricane Katrina)..  Anne Graham gave an extremely profound and insightful response..  She said, 'I believe God is deeply saddened by this, just as we are, but for years we've been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get out of our lives.  And being the gentleman He is, I believe He has calmly backed out.  How can we expect God to give us His blessing and His protection if we demand He leave us alone?'  In light of recent events... terrorists attack, school shootings, etc..  I think it started when Madeleine Murray O'Hare (she was murdered, her body found a few years ago) complained she didn't want prayer in our schools, and we said OK.  Then someone said you better not read the Bible in school.  The Bible says thou shalt not kill; thou shalt not steal, and love your neighbor as yourself.  And we said OK. Then Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave, because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem (Dr. Spock's son committed suicide).  We said an expert should know what he's talking about..  And we said okay.. Now we're asking ourselves why our children have no conscience, why they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, their classmates, and themselves Probably, if we think about it long and hard enough, we can figure it out.  I think it has a great deal to do with 'WE REAP WHAT WE SOW.'  Funny how simple it is for people to trash God and then wonder why the world's going to hell.  Funny how we believe what the newspapers say, but question what the Bible says.  Funny how you can send 'jokes' through e-mail and they spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, people think twice about sharing.  Funny how lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene articles pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion of God is suppressed in the school and workplace.  Are you laughing yet?  Funny how when you forward this message, you will not send it to many on your address list because you're not sure what they believe, or what they will think of you for sending it.  Funny how we can be more worried about what other people think of us than what God thinks of us.  Pass it on if you think it has merit.     If not, then just discard it.. no one will know you did.  But, if you discard this thought process, don't sit back and complain about what bad shape the world is in.   My Best Regards,  Honestly and respectfully,  Ben Stein 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingrich Lights It Up!

Follow @lukerosiakON THE STUMP: Mitt Romney talks to reporters after the We the People Presidential Forum at a VFW Post in Hudson, N.H., on Sunday. The rise of challenger Newt Gingrich has stirred up the Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future. (Associated Press)
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Mitt Romney
Barack Obama
Newt Gingrich
Bill Burton
Who do you think will end up being the GOP nominee for president?
Michele Bachmann
Newt Gingrich
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When Mitt Romney’s backers started a super PAC, it seemed they had hoped to hold their fire until the general election. But Newt Gingrich may have shaken both Romney and Obama strategists’ assurance that the former Massachusetts governor will make it that far. The silence of the cash-flush Restore Our Future super PAC had been one of the most telling signs of insiders’ beliefs about who the eventual Republican nominee would be.

With eight months to go before the Republican National Convention, where a nominee will formally be chosen to face off against President Obama, a shadow general election already seemed to be playing out. With the incumbent president freed of an intraparty challenger, a super PAC helmed by one of Mr. Obama’s former top political strategists, Bill Burton, was actively attacking one Republican candidate and one candidate only: Mitt Romney.

On Mr. Romney’s side was the super PAC formed by his 2008 presidential campaign’s general counsel, Charlie Spies. As one Republican candidate after another rose through the pack with poll numbers that matched or beat Mr. Romney’s — first Michele Bachmann, then Rick Perry and later Herman Cain — the group displayed only restraint.

It was not for a lack of funds. The 2010 Supreme Court ruling that created the unlimited-donation vessels, Citizens United, seemed tailor-made for Romney backers — overwhelmingly wealthy financial-sector workers for whom the $2,500 cap on contributions to official campaigns was most restrictive. The committee even made news for taking three $1 million contributions from cryptically named limited liability corporations, at least one of which formed specifically to hide the identity of the financier behind the donation.

Despite the resources to go after both Mr. Romney’s Republican rivals and Mr. Obama, the fund seemed to be looking only ahead. After announcing a $12 million haul in July, it curiously was not heard from again.

Until now. The first rival to break Romney operatives’ gaze away from November 2012 was a candidate more often associated with 1994, Newt Gingrich. On Thursday, Restore Our Future shattered its silence with a massive $827,000 ad buy targeting the former House speaker in Iowa, the largest independent expenditure of the presidential race so far, disclosures filed Saturday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) showed.

An ad that appeared briefly online and was then taken down employed brass tacks against Mr. Gingrich, attacking on issues similar to those on which Mr. Romney himself has drawn flak.

“Newt was a longtime supporter of a national health insurance mandate, the centerpiece of Obamacare. … The Gingrich record: 30 years in Washington. Flip-flopping on issues.” Restore our Future also registered a website, The group announced Thursday that it would be spending a blistering $3.1 million on ads in Iowa in the next three weeks to promote the candidate, but it did not say it would be attacking Mr. Gingrich rather than juxtaposing Mr. Romney with Mr. Obama.

The ad that hit the airwaves at that time, whose cost has not yet been disclosed to the FEC, made only that juxtaposition.

“How many jobs did Barack Obama create as a community organizer? As a law professor?” the ad asks.

Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for Mr. Obama’s campaign, responded in a statement that Mr. Romney’s “allies are riding to his rescue, spending millions of dollars in secret, undisclosed donations to promote a candidate who will put Wall Street profit ahead of middle class security.”

But Mr. Obama’s allies have their own fund waiting in the wings, one whose donations are subject to the same regulations and disclosure as Restore Our Future’s. Called Priorities USA Action, the group has made seven ad buys since May, and while the president himself mounts a positive campaign, all seven super PAC ads have been negative, and each has targeted Mr. Romney. The difference may be only in the millions of dollars: The Obama super PAC’s buys have totaled $306,000, and its last purchase was in early November.

The group, which Mr. Burton quit the president’s staff to help direct, had raised $3.2 million as of July — including from lobbyists and unions, whose contributions the official Obama campaign refuses — but had already spent much of it, leaving less than the amount the Romney group plans to spend in Iowa alone.

A super PAC supporting Mr. Gingrich, Solutions 2012, launched last month, but has not reported running any ads. On Thursday, an independent super PAC from Democratic consultant T.J. Walker formed with promises to air an ad opposing Mr. Romney, featuring the candidate speaking French, starting Monday on cable TV and Iowa websites.

The spending has shown that while conventional wisdom held that Mr. Romney was the “inevitable” nominee, pollsters and politicos close to the candidates, too, conducted themselves as though he is the man to beat.

Story Continues →

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© Copyright 2011 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.

Sponsored Link: I don’t want to scare you… But right now, the U.S. government is doing something incredibly stupid, which could potentially cause a huge crisis in America, in the next few months. Watch the full investigative video here...

Strang but True Aviation News

Things With Wings
The Commercial Aviation Blog

Strange But True Aviation News
Posted by Rupa Haria at 12/9/2011 9:42 AM CST
Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin takes the lead in this week’s Strange hall of shame. The actor threw a hissy fit after being told to turn off his phone on an American Airlines flight preparing to depart from LAX. Not wanting to be stopped from playing ‘Words With Friends’ on his mobile, he got himself thrown off the aircraft and did what any self-respecting individual would do – he tweeted about it. American Airlines later issued a statement saying Baldwin had slammed the lavatory door so hard that the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, resulting in the passenger being removed from the flight and denied boarding. Baldwin is not alone - the Washington Post names and shames more badly behaved flying celebrities.

After the incident, Baldwin deactivated his Twitter account. In this animated video, the creative folks at Taiwanese web site Next Media Animation offer their take on the story:

In a story that shook the Hill, FAA administrator Randy Babbit failed to tell his bosses (including President Obama) that he had been arrested for driving under the influence. It wasn’t long before the story went public, resulting in the 65-year old resigning from his post.  Aviation Week’s Andrew Compart earlier this week commented on Babbit’s little mistake. 

Ever wondered what would happen if five grenades are found in a passenger’s luggage?  Nothing, apparently. According to the Telegraph, a female passenger surrendered five grenades to TSA officials after they were found in her luggage, but offered no explanation as to why she was carrying them in the first place. The TSA says it wasn’t part of any terror plot, there were no delays or lockdowns, and no arrests were made.
Meanwhile, over in Venezuela, a suicidal donkey walked onto the runway just as a Tiara Air Aruba aircraft was taking off. The aircraft, carrying 29 passengers, continued its journey to Aruba where it landed safely, according to the Aviation Herald. 

A frisky off-duty Qantas pilot is being investigated by the airline after reports emerged that he got a little too comfortable in his first class seat with a female passenger on board flight QF32 from London to Singapore. He was sent to the back of the plane after a “flood of complaints” from fellow passengers. The Herard Sun quotes a Qantas spokeswoman as saying that an "interaction of that nature is something that wouldn't be sanctioned” by the airline. Meanwhile, his union has vowed to defend him: "The rights of this member, like any other, will be defended by AIPA should the need arise".

Happy Friday!

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WWII. Trivia 4 U

WW II Trivia
 WW II Trivia

You might enjoy this from Col D. G. Swinford, USMC, Ret and history buff. You would really have to dig deep to assemble this kind of historical info. 
1. The first German serviceman killed in WW II was killed by the Japanese ( China , 1937), the first American serviceman killed was killed by the Russians ( Finland 1940); and the highest ranking American killed was Lt. Gen Lesley McNair, killed by the US Army Air Corps.  So much for allies.
2. The youngest US serviceman was 12 year old Calvin Graham, USN.  He was wounded and given a Dishonorable Discharge for lying about his age.  His benefits were later restored by act of Congress.
3. At the time of Pearl Harbor, the top US Navy command was called CINCUS (pronounced 'sink us'), the shoulder patch of the US Army's 45th Infantry division was the Swastika, and Hitler's private train was named 'Amerika.' All three were soon changed for PR purposes.
4. More US servicemen died in the Air Corps than the Marine Corps. While completing the required 30 missions, your chance of being killed was 71%.
5. Generally speaking, there was no such thing as an average fighter pilot.  You were either an ace, or a target.  For instance, Japanese Ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa shot down over 80 planes.  He died while a passenger on a cargo plane.
6. It was a common practice on fighter planes to load every 5th round with a tracer round to aid in aiming. This was a mistake. Tracers had different ballistics so (at long range) if your tracers were hitting the target 80% of  your rounds were missing. Worse yet tracers instantly told your enemy he was under fire and from which direction. Worst of all, it was the practice to load a string of tracers at the end of the belt to tell when you were out of ammo. This was definitely not something you wanted to tell the enemy!  Units that stopped using tracers saw their success rate nearly double and their loss rate go down.
7. When allied armies reached the Rhine, the first thing men did was pee in it.  This was pretty universal from the lowest private to Winston Churchill (who made a big show of it) and Gen. Patton who had himself photographed in the act.
8. German Me-264 bombers were capable of bombing New York City .....but they decided it wasn't worth the effort.
9. German submarine U-120 was sunk by a malfunctioning toilet.
10.  Among the first 'Germans' captured at Normandy were several Koreans.  They had been forced to fight for the Japanese Army until they were captured by the Russians and forced to fight for the Russian Army until they were captured by the Germans and forced to fight for the German Army until they were captured by the US Army.
11. Following a massive naval bombardment, 35,000 United States and Canadian troops stormed ashore at Kiska, in the Aleutian Islands .  21 troops were killed in the assault on the island.  It could have been worse if there had been any Japanese on the island.

One of Best Stories I've Read


As she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. However, that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a little boy named Teddy Stoddard.

Mrs. Thompson had watched Teddy the year before and noticed that he did not play well with the other children, that his clothes were messy and that he constantly needed a bath. In addition, Teddy could be unpleasant. It got to the point where Mrs. Thompson would actually take delight in marking his papers with a broad red pen, making bold X's and then putting a big 'F' at the top of his papers.

At the school where Mrs. Thompson taught, she was required to review each child's past records and she put Teddy's off until last. However, when she reviewed his file, she was in for a surprise.

Teddy's first grade teacher wrote, 'Teddy is a bright child with a ready laugh. He does his work neatly and has good manners... he is a joy to be around..'

His second grade teacher wrote, 'Teddy is an excellent student, well liked by his classmates, but he is troubled because his mother has a terminal illness and life at home must be a struggle.'

His third grade teacher wrote, 'His mother's death has been hard on him. He tries to do his best, but his father doesn't show much interest, and his home life will soon affect him if some steps aren't taken.'

Teddy's fourth grade teacher wrote, 'Teddy is withdrawn and doesn't show much interest in school. He doesn't have many friends and he sometimes sleeps in class.'

By now, Mrs. Thompson realized the problem and she was ashamed of herself. She felt even worse when her students brought her Christmas presents, wrapped in beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except for Teddy's. His present was clumsily wrapped in the heavy, brown paper that he got from a grocery bag. Mrs. Thompson took pains to open it in the middle of the other presents. Some of the children started to laugh when she found a rhinestone bracelet with some of the stones missing, and a bottle that was one-quarter full of perfume. But she stifled the children's laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the bracelet was, putting it on, and dabbing some of the perfume on her wrist. Teddy Stoddard stayed after school that day just long enough to say, 'Mrs. Thompson, today you smelled just like my Mom used to.'

After the children left, she cried for at least an hour. On that very day, she quit teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Instead, she began to teach children.... Mrs. Thompson paid particular attention to Teddy. As she worked with him, his mind seemed to come alive. The more she encouraged him, the faster he responded. By the end of the year, Teddy had become one of the smartest children in the class and, despite her lie that she would love all the children the same, Teddy became one of her 'teacher's pets..'

A year later, she found a note under her door, from Teddy, telling her that she was the best teacher he ever had in his whole life.

Six years went by before she got another note from Teddy. He then wrote that he had finished high school, third in his class, and she was still the best teacher he ever had in life.

Four years after that, she got another letter, saying that while things had been tough at times, he'd stayed in school, had stuck with it, and would soon graduate from college with the highest of honours. He assured Mrs. Thompson that she was still the best and favourite teacher he had ever had in his whole life.

Then four more years passed and yet another letter came.. This time he explained that after he got his bachelor's degree, he decided to go a little further. The letter explained that she was still the best and favourite teacher he ever had. But now his name was a little longer.... The letter was signed, Theodore F. Stoddard, MD.

The story does not end there.
You see, there was yet another letter that spring. Teddy said he had met this girl and was going to be married. He explained that his father had died a couple of years ago and he was wondering if Mrs. Thompson might agree to sit at the wedding in the place that was usually reserved for the mother of the groom.. Of course, Mrs. Thompson did. And guess what? She wore that bracelet, the one with several rhinestones missing. Moreover, she made sure she was wearing the perfume that Teddy remembered his mother wearing on their last Christmas together.

They hugged each other, and Dr. Stoddard whispered in Mrs. Thompson's ear, 'Thank you Mrs. Thompson for believing in me. Thank you so much for making me feel important and showing me that I could make a difference.'

Mrs. Thompson, with tears in her eyes, whispered back. She said, 'Teddy, you have it all wrong. You were the one who taught me that I could make a difference. I didn't know how to teach until I met you.'

(For you who don't know, Teddy Stoddard is the Doctor at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines that has the Stoddard Cancer Wing.)

Warm someone's heart today. . . . .
pass this along. I love this story so very much, I cry every time I read it. Just try to make a difference in someone's life today or tomorrow? just 'do it'.

Random acts of kindness, I think they call it!

'Believe in Angels, then return the favour'

Obama's "Coil of Rage"

A Coil of Rage
When you've read to the end, come back and read this first paragraph again.

A Coil of Rage

The character of any man is defined by how he treats his mother as the
years pass .... need I say more about this person below other than
there is no character, no integrity but there is a ton of attitude and
arrogance that defines his shallow past and hollow future .... I rest
my case..

I bought and read Obama's book, Audacity of Hope. It was difficult to
read considering his attitude toward us and everything American. Let
me add a phrase he use to describe his attitude toward whites. He
harbors a "COIL OF RAGE". His words not mine.

there awake?

Everyone of voting age should read these two books by him: Don't buy
them, just get them from the library.

From Dreams From My Father:

"I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I
began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to

From Dreams From My Father :

"I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and
animosity against my mother's race."

From Dreams >From My Father:

"There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of
herself, maybe and white."

From Dreams From My Father:

"It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your
loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names."

From Dreams From My Father:

"I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to
my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa ,
that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes
of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela."

And FINALLY ........... and most scary:

From Audacity of Hope:

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an
ugly direction."

If you have never forwarded an e-mail, now is the time to do so!!! We
have someone with this mentality running our GREAT nation! Keep your
eye on him and don't blink.

I don't care whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Conservative
or a liberal, be aware of the attitude and character of this sitting

Monday, December 5, 2011

O Regime: Hunters & Couponers R PotentiaL Terrorists!

Video: Govt Says Hunters, Extreme Couponers are Potential Terrorists
Dec 05, 2011 02:20 pm 

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

How much does the government fear its own citizens? So much so that guidelines for spotting potential terrorists include anyone who has more than seven days of food in his home, anyone who is missing fingers, and anyone who posses multiple firearms or weather-proof ammunition. These criteria are so [...]

Read More and Comment: Video: Govt Says Hunters, Extreme Couponers are Potential Terrorists

Climate Gate 2.0

The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 5, 2011

Climategate 2.0 parachutes into COP17
CFACT skydivers to tow banners into UN Durban conference
Lord Monckton, Craig Rucker, Climate Depot to parachute
Emails exposing biased science cannot be ignored
Durban, South Africa - On Tuesday, December 6 at 11:00 AM CAT (local time), CFACT skydivers will parachute past COP17 trailing banners demanding attention to the Climategate 2.0 emails. The skydiving team will land at Toti beach. Media and all interested persons are invited to the beach to observe the landing.
The second batch of emails from scientists working on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change contain shocking revelations which show an insular cadre of climate scientists coordinating efforts to place advocacy ahead of science, stifle dissent, and conceal information which detracts from a preconceived, ideologically driven, global warming narrative.
“Media covering COP17 are kidding themselves if they think they can ignore and wish away Climategate 2.0,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker. “Lord Monckton, the folks from Climate Depot and I will carry our message by parachute if that's what it takes to wake up this conference and place the Climategate evidence of corrupted science where the world must see it.”
The Climategate emails provide a shockingly candid look at the machinations of the high priests of global warming. They have given rise to renewed demands that the IPCC, EU and the EPA cancel existing plans and programs to cap and tax carbon emissions. These misguided policies already have created economic havoc in Europe, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S. and pose a major threat to the world economy.
Marc Morano, publisher of CFACT's, said that the emails reveal the scientists at the heart of the manmade global warming industry have been "caught red-handed exaggerating the extent of manmade global warming while privately admitting to one another that the evidence is nowhere near as strong as they were claiming."
The new emails led Morano to conclude that they "... further expose the upper echelon of the UN IPCC as being more interested in crafting a careful narrative than following the evidence." He notes, for example, that Penn State professor Michael Mann stated in one email that, "The important thing is to make sure they're [climate skeptics] losing the PR battle." The University of East Anglia's Keith Briffa (a colleague of the already discredited EAU Climate Research Center head Phil Jones) also chimed in, "I find myself in the strange position of being very skeptical of the quality of all present reconstructions, yet sounding like a pro greenhouse zealot here!"
Rucker further noted that "The release of these emails is yet another major setback for alarmists who are hyping fears over climate change in order to exercise influence over ever-increasing segments of the U.S. and world economy."
CFACT, which has been a fully accredited non-governmental organization at these UN events for two decades, will be closely monitoring and offering daily reports on the developments in Durban. Rucker says the new emails provide even stronger reasons to oppose such radical Green initiatives as the World Wildlife Fund-Oxfam proposal for a new $25 per ton global tax on shipping with the goal of curtailing carbon emissions; the call by Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela for a new climate tax on worldwide financial transactions; and a proposed new "sustainability treaty."
As Rucker notes, "The real agenda of the climate alarmists is to promote massively expanded government regulation worldwide, at the expense of jobs creation and economic growth. The policies they advocate will do the greatest harm to the world's poorest people and ensure that citizens of developing nations have no chance at true freedom and prosperity."
Gandhi told us, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” CFACT's parachute drop will force the media to cease ignoring the evidence. CFACT looks forward to winning.
Go to for details on Climategate 2.0. More information on CFACT's mission to Durban at Also at, &
- # # # -

Life is Sweet Enjoy Every Minute of It!

You know . . . time has a way of moving quickly

and catching you unaware of the passing years.
It seems just yesterday that I was young,
just married and embarking on my new life with my mate.
And yet in a way, it seems like eons ago,
and I wonder where all the years went.
I know that I lived them all...
And I have glimpses of how it was back then and of all my hopes and dreams.
But, here it is -- the winter of my life and it catches me by surprise.
How did I get here so fast?
Where did the years go and where did my youth go?
I remember well...
seeing older people through the years and thinking that those older people
were years away from me and that winter was so far off
that I could not fathom it or imagine fully what it would be like.
But, here it is ...
my friends are retired and getting gray,
they move more slowly,
Some are in better and some worse shape than me,
but, I see the great change.
Not like the ones that I remember who were young and vibrant...
but, like me, their age is beginning to show and we are now those older folks
that we used to see and never thought we'd be.
Each day now, I find that just getting a shower is a real target for the day!
And taking a nap is not a treat anymore ... it's mandatory!
Cause if I don't on my own free will, I just fall asleep where I sit!
And so . . .
now I enter into this new season of my life -- unprepared
for all the aches and pains and the loss of strength and ability
to go and do things that I wish I had done but never did!!
But, at least I know, that though the winter has come, and I'm not sure how long it will last ... this I know, that when it's's over.
Yes , I have regrets. There are things I wish I hadn't done, things I should have done, but indeed, there are many things I'm happy to have done.
It's all in a lifetime.
So, if you're not in your winter yet,
let me remind you that it will be here faster than you think.
So, whatever you would like to accomplish in your life please do it soon!
Don't put things off too long!
Life goes by quickly. So, do what you can today,
as you can never be sure whether this is your winter or not!
You have no promise that you will see all the seasons of your life . . . so,
live for today and say all the things that you want your loved ones to remember,
and hope that they appreciate and love you for all the things
that you have done for them in all the years past!!
"Life is a gift to you.
The way you live your life
is your gift to those who come after.
Make it a fantastic one."
No Regrets !

Gunwalker Obama Regime Violated More Laws Than Being Investigated

Gunwalker: Justice Dept. Violated U.S. Laws Beyond Those Being Investigated
I know, because I was the principal drafter of some of the legislation.
December 5, 2011 - 12:00 amPage 1 of 2  Next ->   View as Single Page

As we continue to watch the general uproar over the Operation Fast and Furious program, and specifically what Attorney General Holder knew and when he knew it, it needs to be noted that perjury is not the only apparent violation of law to have occurred.

I refer to the apparent violation of at least one (probably two) major U.S. laws by the Holder Justice Department. A few years ago, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701, the follow-on to the Trading with the Enemy Act) was expanded in order to criminalize any transactions between U.S. entities — to include departments and agencies of the U.S. government — and all foreign drug cartels.

I am familiar with these prohibitive statues because several years ago, while serving as the senior drug analyst for the Senate Intelligence Committee, I was tasked to initiate and became the principal drafter of legislation which became known as the Kingpin Act (21 U.S.C. §§ 1901-08). The Kingpin Act is an extension of the highly successful IEEPA sanctioning program specifically targeting Colombian drug cartels. It expands sanctions authority against various drug cartel operations worldwide — including Mexico — which have been determined by the president to be threats to the national security, foreign policy, or economy of the United States.

A violation of any of the IEEPA sanctioning programs or the Kingpin Act carries stiff penalties, both criminal and civil, and potentially totaling decades in prison and tens of millions of dollars in fines. It is not necessary that an individual or governmental entity be shown to have “knowingly” violated any of these programs: it is illegal for any U.S. entity or individual to aid, abet, or materially assist — or in the case of Operation Fast and Furious, to facilitate others to aid, abet, or materially assist — designated drug traffickers. There are no exceptions within IEEPA programs for unlicensed U.S. law enforcement or intelligence agency operations.

Based on the July 5, 2010, memo to Eric Holder, it would appear that Fast and Furious facilitated the delivery of weapons to — at a minimum — the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico. The U.S. Department of the Treasury, which administers both the IEEPA and Kingpin Act programs, has designated numerous members of the Sinaloa cartel under both programs. IEEPA prohibitions apply to the U.S. government as well as to individuals, and as stated there are no exceptions within IEEPA programs for unlicensed U.S. law enforcement or intelligence agency operations.

There is a provision in the Kingpin Act for “authorized” law enforcement and intelligence activities, however the only procedure by which an Operation Fast and Furious program could have been “authorized” under the Kingpin Act was by the U.S. attorney general requesting a waiver (known within the Treasury Department as a Specific License), prior to any such operation being undertaken. To illustrate and emphasize this point: even during the run-up to war in Iraq, the U.S. secretary of Defense had to obtain waivers (specific licenses) from the Treasury Department to allow U.S. Special Forces and their necessary equipment (to include weapons, intelligence gathering, and targeting gear) to go into Iraq, as Iraq at the time was under separate IEEPA sanctions.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011



A little house with three bedrooms,
One bathroom and one car on the street

A mower that you had to push
To make the grass look neat.

In the kitchen on the wall
We only had one phone,
And no
 need for recording things,
Someone was always home.

We only had a living room
Where we would congregate,
Unless it was at mealtime
In the kitchen where we ate.

We had no need for family rooms
Or extra rooms to dine.
When meeting as a family
Those two rooms would work
 out fine. 

We only had one TV set
And channels maybe two,
 always there was one of them

With something worth
 the view.

For snacks we had potato chips
That tasted like a chip.
And if you wanted flavor
There was Lipton's onion dip.

Store-bought snacks were rare because
My mother liked
 to cook
And nothing can compare to snacks
In Betty
 Crocker's book. 

Weekends were for family trips
Or staying home to play.
We all did things together --
Even go to church to pray.

When we did our weekend trips
Depending on the weather,
No one stayed at home because
We liked to be together.

Sometimes we would separate
To do things on our own,
But we knew where the others were
Without our own
 cell phone.

Then there were the movies
With your favorite movie star,
And nothing can compare
To watching movies in your car.

Then there were the picnics
At the peak of summer season,
Pack a lunch and find some trees
And never need a reason.

Get a baseball game together
With all the friends you know,

Have real action playing ball --

And no game video.

Remember when the doctor
Used to be the family friend,
And didn't need insurance

Or a lawyer to defend?
The way that he took care of you
Or what he had to do,
Because he took an oath and strived
To do the best for

Remember going to the store
And shopping casually,

And when you went to pay for it

You used your own money?

Nothing that you had to swipe
Or punch in some amount,
And remember when the cashier person
Had to really count?

The milkman used to go
From door to door,
And it was just
 a few cents more
Than going to the store.

There was a time when mailed letters

Came right to your
Without a lot of junk mail ads
Sent out by every

The mailman knew each house by name
And knew where it
 was sent;
There were not loads of mail addressed

To "present occupant." 

There was a time when just one glance

Was all that it
 would take,
And you would know the kind of car,

The model and the make. 
They didn't look like turtles

Trying to squeeze out every
They were streamlined, white walls, fins

And really had some style. 
One time the music that you played
Whenever you would
Was from a vinyl, big-holed record
Called a forty-five.

The record player had a post
To keep them all in line

And then the records would drop down

And play one at a time.

Oh sure, we had our problems then,
Just like we do today
And always we were striving,
Trying for a better way.

Oh, the simple life we lived
Still seems like so much fun,
How can you explain a game,
Just kick the can and run?

And why would boys put baseball cards
Between bicycle
And for a nickel, red machines
had little bottled
This life seemed so much easier

and slower in some ways.
I love the new technology
but I sure do miss those days.

So time moves on and so do we
and nothing stays the same,
but I sure love to reminisce
and walk down memory lane.

God Bless Always,