Saturday, October 1, 2011


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Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Large Meta-Analysis Finds New Genes for Type 1 Diabetes

The largest-ever analysis of genetic data related to type 1 diabetes has uncovered new genes associated with the common metabolic disease, which affects 200 million people worldwide. The findings add to knowledge of gene networks involved in the ...  > full story

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Health & Biomedical Sciences

Mind & Brain

Promising Drug Treatment for Improving Language, Social Function in People With Autism

Researchers are examining the use of propranolol (a drug used to treat high blood pressure and control heart rate as well as to reduce test anxiety) to improve the primary traits associated with autism -- difficulty with normal social skills, ...  > full story

Biological & Earth Sciences

Plants & Animals

Small Fish Recover Faster Than Large Fish

In football, linebackers are usually the largest players and have the endurance required to get through a game plus overtime. But when it comes to fish, larger doesn't always mean stronger. A new study showed smaller fish recover from exertion ...  > full story

Physical & Applied Sciences

Space & Time

Stardust Discovered in Far-Off Planetary Systems

Searching for extra-solar planets -- which are planets outside of our solar system -- is very popular these days. About 700 planets are known at the moment, a number that is continuously rising due to refined observational techniques. Astronomers ...  > full story

Matter & Energy

Building Better Catalysts

Chemists have developed a method to design and test new catalysts, which are substances that speed chemical reactions and are crucial for producing energy, chemicals and industrial products. By using the new method, the chemists also made a ...  > full story

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Alternative To Open Heart Surgery

Interventional cardiologists created an alternative to open heart surgery by developing a mitral valve clip. To alleviate mitral valve. ...  > full story

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