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O's Climate Change Plan pure political hype. ...

He Says There's 'No Way' Obama's Climate Change Plan Will Reduce Temperatures

Following a speech about extremism at the Environmental Protection Agency, Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., called the Obama administration’s climate change proposal a “public relations piece.”

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US No Safer, per top Pentagon official!!! Al Qaeda stronger, more radicalized ...

US is no safer after 13 years of war, a top Pentagon official says

The outgoing head of the Defense Intelligence Agency says that new players on the scene are more radical than Al Qaeda, and the core Al Qaeda ideology has lost none of its potency.

By , Staff writer 

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The nation is no safer after 13 years of war, warns a top US military official who leads one of the nation’s largest intelligence organizations.

“We have a whole gang of new actors out there that are far more extreme than Al Qaeda,” says Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, which employs some 17,000 American intelligence collectors in 140 countries around the world.

That the United States is no safer – and in some respects may be less safe – even after two wars and trillions of dollars could prove to be disappointing news for Americans, noted the journalist questioning General Flynn at the Aspen Security Forum last week.

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Still, Flynn was firm on that point. “Yeah, my quick answer is that we’re not,” he said. 

America is less safe today in large part because of the emergence of terrorist groups like the Islamic State, formerly know as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The group is stoking regional wars in Syria and Iraq that will only continue to increase in complexity, Flynn said.

Then what about the claims from those within the Obama administration that core Al Qaeda is on the run? 

On this point, Flynn – a strong personality who is slated to retire from the US military next month after clashing with higher-ups in the intelligence community – took issue as well.

“We throw this phrase ‘core Al Qaeda’ out.” But rather than people, “core Al Qaeda” is an ideology, he said.

“I, you know, have been going against these guys for a long time. The core is the core belief that these individuals have – and it’s not on the run,” he added. “That ideology is actually, sadly, it feels like it’s exponentially growing.” 

The chaos and violence now reigning in Iraq after the Islamic State invasion points to a US intelligence failure, but, on the upside, it offers a key cautionary tale for Afghanistan, Flynn said.

“The speed that [ISIS] came into this northern city of Iraq, into Mosul, and they were able to, you know, kind of [cut through Iraqi security force defenses] like a hot knife through butter through really about four [Iraqi Army] divisions,” he said, “I would say that, yeah, that caught us – that level of speed that they were able to do that – caught us by surprise.” 

Iraq “blew it” by choosing not to sign a Status of Forces Agreement that would have kept US troops in the country longer, and Afghanistan is unlikely to make the same mistake, he added. 

Now, when it comes to Iraq, US troops are unlikely to have any desire to return to the country, he added. 

“I mean, we can only give so much. And nobody – no one in uniform – wants to say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m ready to go back.’ No way.”

WHY I CARRY: 2 Men Carjack SUV, Repeatedly Rape Driver, Then Crash SUV Killing 3 Children ...

Guns Save Lives

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[Video] Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Accidentally Made a Pro-Gun Commercial

Posted: 29 Jul 2014 02:56 PM PDT

Umm. OK. So who else thinks that commercial is only going to want to make people buy guns? This is the latest “shock” video produced by Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety. In the video a few points are illustrated, so let’s talk about them: 1. When seconds count, the police are only minutes […]

Rapper, Restaurant Owner Rick Ross Says to Leave Your Gun in Your Car at His Restaurants

Posted: 29 Jul 2014 01:12 PM PDT

Rapper, entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and licensed gun carrier Rick Ross (shown above in a Florida mugshot) says he is a supporter of the Second Amendment, but said in a recent interview that he doesn’t want guns in his chain of 25 wing restaurants. According to The Huffington Post, Perhaps the most contentious opinion Ross expressed […]

BREAKING: 90 Day Stay Issued in Washington DC Carry Case, Carry No Longer Legal

Posted: 29 Jul 2014 11:06 AM PDT

Stop carrying guns in our nation’s capital if you are currently doing so and would like to avoid arrest, at least for the moment. A federal judge has just issued a 90 day stay in the case of PALMER v DC. A court ruling issued on Saturday struck down Washington DC’s complete ban on carry […]

WHY I CARRY: 2 Men Carjack SUV, Repeatedly Rape Driver, Then Crash SUV Killing 3 Children

Posted: 29 Jul 2014 08:34 AM PDT

Usually, on this website we focus on stories in which a law abiding citizen used a firearm for self defense. Unfortunately, things don’t always happen that way and it’s important to look at cases that did not result in a defensive gun use in order to remember why we must carry everyday. This is our […]

[Video] 14 Year Old Uses 12 Gauge Shotgun to Defend His Mother From Abusive Boyfriend

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 11:46 PM PDT

Locust Fork, Alabama – A 14 year old boy used a 12 gauge shotgun to shoot and kill a man who was romantically linked to his mother. The suspect in the case, identified as 34 year old Ayatollah Mohammad, was actually escorted by law enforcement off of the property owned by the boy’s mother that […]

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Impeachment? 'All A Scam Started By Democrats at WH,' Boehner Says | CNS News

Impeachment? 'All A Scam Started By Democrats at WH,' Boehner Says | CNS News

Son Shoots and Kills Home Invader Who Assaulted His 72 Year Old Mother Single Mom Empties Magazine at Suspect Trying to Steal Her Jeep

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[Video] First Video of Concealed Carrier in Washington D.C.

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 05:40 PM PDT

Conservative blogger Stephen Gutowski is most likely the first person to video themselves legally carrying a concealed firearm into Washington D.C. He documented his trip into D.C. today for all to see. In case you weren’t aware, D.C. is currently, for all intents and purposes, a constitutional carry district. Here is our original coverage on […]

First Photo of Legal Open Carry in DC in 70 Years?

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 05:23 PM PDT

It wasn’t until 1932 that a permit was required to carry a concealed weapon in the District of Columbia. It was legal to carry pistols openly until 1943. At the time, it was clear that the prohibition on open carry did not apply to long arms. In 1973, pushed by Democrat President, Lyndon Johnson, the […]

Boston’s Top Cop Thinks No One Needs to Own a Rifle or Shotgun

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 11:19 AM PDT

The following story is via the NRA-ILA, Writing for a majority of the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, which recognized an individual right under the Second Amendment to possess firearms for self-defense, Justice Scalia observed: “The very enumeration of the right takes out of the hands of government … the power to […]

Son Shoots and Kills Home Invader Who Assaulted His 72 Year Old Mother

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 10:48 AM PDT

Koochiching County, Minnesota – A home invader who assaulted an elderly woman at her home is now dead. The suspect was killed by the woman’s son who was protecting her. According to local media reports the sheriff’s office said the following about the incident, The man knocked on the door and asked for help of […]

Single Mom Empties Magazine at Suspect Trying to Steal Her Jeep

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 12:49 AM PDT

A single mother in Georgia used a firearm to stop a car thief on Friday night. The attempted theft took place just one night after the woman’s apartment was broken into. Among the items stolen – the spare key to her Jeep. Fearing that the suspect(s) may return, the woman kept her handgun close by. […]

Gaming Israel and Palestine

Gaming Israel and Palestine

Updates from Tijuana...

Borderland Beat

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Updates from Tijuana

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 10:48 PM PDT

Updates from Tijuana

There has been no violent, cinematic aftermath in the wake of the arrest of El Inge, the fallen heir to the Arellano Felix name.  Fernando Sanchez Arellano went quietly into the night, headed for Mexico City, confirming to authorities it was Chino Antrax who killed his uncle, Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, and refusing to cooperate further.  

The plaza of Tijuana has no true owner, loose groups and cells continue to push north, control, and spill blood for  the retail drug sale zones in the city, from Zona Norte, to Rosarito.  Names float through the pages of Zeta, corridos  played on both sides of the border, and in posters hanging in the border crossings.  Sinaloa this, CAF that, Los Cabelleros Templarios, CJNG, those
who operate independently, no one knows anymore. 

The bodies pile up, in the streets of Eastern Tijuana, back alleys of Rosarito, Zona Norte, Zone Centro. Duct taped hands, wrapped in twine, sheets, blankets, blindfolds, signs of torture, bullets to the head, narco messages quickly scrawled on paper cheaper then the lives of the bodies they are pinned too. Variants on a theme of death, vengeance, business, and power.  People are taken from nightclubs, shot up in restaurants, and it call continues.  The stories make the paper, or the chismes whispered in Tijuana, and shouted in San Diego.  

Plaza bosses get executed for not leaving the city in a timely fashion, Inge goes down, La Rana comes back, no one knows anything.  Three men are found executed in a van, left running.  No one knows, but everybody does.

 The brothers of El Mono, Roberto Toscano Carlos Rodriguez, and Antonio Rodriguez, El Shrek and El Twi are arrested with guns and drugs.  El Mono is Luis Manuel Toscano, CAF's longtime strong hand in the Zona Norte, who has survived assassination attempts, and multiple arrests.  The drugs are sold as usual in bars like Hong Kong, where the sex trade thrives, and in nameless, faceless tienditas lining the streets, vendors old and young sell their wares, tiendero's sell theirs.

An alleged high ranking Caballeros Templarios leader is arrested in Playas de Tijuana, amidst reports of  masked gunmen checking cars as they entered the area.  Juan Carlos Alamaza Mendoza 'El Pillo', on the run from Michoacan, was hiding as a contractor, since late last year.  Allegedly he was planning to organize a cell in the city, his time in the city was financed by CT upper management.   Two months or so back, a man was found murdered with a note mocking the Michocanos who don't pay their piso.  

El Wacho and El Tavo are arrested in a Taxi Libre, carrying 10 wraps of heroin and a revolver, allegedly en route to kill El Danny, on the orders of La Rana.  The names are almost irrelevant, the drug addled pistoleros do not know why they kill, or whom they kill for, only who to kill.

  A large picture is not usually realized by those who kill and die in the war for Tijuana's retailed rug trade.  It is barely realized by us.  We can compile the names of the killed, or the killers, the make and model of the car, carefully count the amount of drugs and the way they are packaged, the markings on the kilos, the wraps on the bales, it's only tenuously real to us.  Only real to the ones whose husbands don't come home, or whose children are killed, brothers and sisters separated, high caliber weapon shells and toast of blood and whiskey, welcome to Tijuana. 

Sources: Zeta Tijuana, AFN Tijuana

Tuta Complains Americano and others Owe him big time

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 11:03 PM PDT

by Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Servando Gomez Martinez, "La Tuta", is once again reaching out to the public to share his woes.  His beef this time is with the  former Buenavista autodefensa group.

The former group known as "H3" is the most controversial autodefensa group, as many in  the group were made up of so called "former" Templarios. Many are now "Rurales" working for the government.

Luis Antonio Torres, aka El Americano, was the Leader/Coordinator of Buenavista (H3) including all the communities in Buenavista.

Originally, autodefensas labeled each group who raise arms with a "H" and a sequential number.  H1 was La Ruana, headed by Hipolito Mora.

In the video Tuta asserts that members of the Buenavista "community police", owe "The Company" (Caballeros Templarios) a large amount of money

In the 51 second recording, Tuta says that, among others,  'comunitarios' (community police) such as, Luis Antonio Torres, aka "El Americano", H3, now has a leadership role in the government controlled "Rurales" group, and Adalberto Fructuoso Comparan, aka "Fruto" former mayor and founder of the Aguililla self defense forces, owe the cartel money for drugs or cash loans.
Americano  has always maintained a close personal and business relationship with the seven Sierra Santana brothers, the founders of "Los Viagras", the first splinter group of  Templarios.  After they splintered, Viagras and Tuta came to a working agreement.

Last fall a video surfaced in which Tuta is giving an ultimatum to Carlos Sierra Santana for not abiding with the conditions of the agreement encroaching on territory of Templarios.  In the video El Americano appears.
What Tuta apparently did not know at the time, is that Viagras broke their agreement with Templarios and had allied with CJNG and Mencho.  Carlos and his brother Mariano are the premier leaders of Viagras.

Viagras had discovered that Mencho had both the federal police and some former community police on the payroll allowing him to conduct business at will, that was enough to compel the brothers to jump ship.

Based out of the Huetamo area, but when they joined CJNG they began operating in  the Coastal Sur area of Guerrero.  They conduct most of the kidnapping and killing in the area and is said to take care of Mencho's "dirty work".

Dr Mireles says the Viagras are a very dangerous group, they have no loyalty and are even more brutal than Templarios. 

El  Gavilan, jefe de plaza of Petacalco (CJNG), Guerrero, was recommended for the position by the Sierra Santana brothers.  Gavilan was blamed,  via a Guerrero banner, as the perpetrator of the Harry Devert kidnapping.  He and/or his lieutenant El Tigre.   Galivan hung banners disclaiming the crime.  However, the brutal crime was done, no doubt, at the direction of Mencho by either Viagras or Gavilan, or in coordination of both.

The Sierra Brothers are Godsons of El Chango Méndez, leader of La Familia Michoacana.  Some of the LFM cells are now with Los Viagras.

Self defense groups were split into two groups, one is the coastal group led by Dr Mireles.  The other group was led by Americano, Cinco and Smurf.

It was the Americano group that "allowed" reformed narcos to serve in  self defense groups.   

The coastal group of municipalities have the reputation of being clean.  It was in one of those commuities, La Mira, where  Dr Mireles, coordinator for the coastal groups, was arrested.

Purportedly, Americano now has control and operation of many of  the drug labs in Michoacan.  

When he is not fighting crime with the  Rurales, of course.

Tuta mentions yet another video,  with "Denisse Demerck", (I am sure he mean Televisa's Denise Maerker) .  In the  video, he says he speaks a little about "Fruto", " I was asked about him, and I answered I was not the person to ask, because they will say I am speaking bad about him, or to have attention drawn to him. to make him look bad for several situations that have occurred. 

He continues, "But I am going to tell you something, "La Mami", who was police in La Ruana, who owes a lot of money to the company. "

"And, he owes drugs to almost all of the boys."

"El Americano from Buenavista owes us a lot of money. "Fruto" was loaned cash. I don't know if that was the reason or whether that was the real difference with "Tena". I know that he has said he has a lot of respect for us", La Tuta points out. 

He asserts that Maerker does not dare broadcast the video because  because "She's  Televisa, one of the government networks and they don't want to expose the situation."

Several months ago, the Federal Commissioner for Safety for Michoacan, Alfredo Castillo, said that "La Tuta's" arrest would be the icing on the cake for the Federal operation that was undertaken in Michoacan.

The government official insisted Tuta's capture "would take place"..

That is yet to happen


One Citizen Speaking...


Posted: 28 Jul 2014 04:33 PM PDT

There are two fundamental and indisputable facts: one, a nation without secure borders is not a sovereign nation; and two, national security trumps all other considerations.

Once again it appears that the socialists and communists who have infiltrated our government, institutions, and infrastructure are using our own legal system to defeat the United States from within.

GOP: Border patrol agents handcuffed by wildlife rules

The Interior Department controls about 800 miles along the dividing line with Mexico, or about 40 percent of the total, with other land in the region owned by the Forest Service.

GOP lawmakers argue federal regulations intended to protect land and wildlife have become an obstacle for Customs and Borders Protection officers because they restrict their ability to drive near the border, build infrastructure or install surveillance technology.  Read more at:GOP: Border patrol agents handcuffed by wildlife rules | TheHill

How stupid or corrupt are those who would deny our nation’s first line of defense from performing their duties to preserve some rodent, insect, or plant?

A clear and present danger …


Ebola can spread like 'forest fire,' US warns

US health authorities said Monday, urging travelers to West Africa to take extra precautions amid the largest outbreak in history. Since March, there have been 1,201 cases of Ebola and 672 deaths in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. <Source>

The growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa serves as a grim reminder that deadly viruses are only a plane ride away from the USA, health experts say.

The outbreak is the largest and deadliest on record, with more than 670 deaths and more than 1,200 infections in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fatality rates for Ebola have been as high as 90% in past outbreaks, according to the World Health Organization.

The virus — which has an incubation period of a few days to three weeks — could easily travel to the USA through infected travelers, says Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. <Source>


Violent transnational gangs 'recruiting unaccompanied minors at Border Security facilities'

Members of some of the United States' most notorious street gangs have infiltrated shelters housing illegal immigrant minors from Central America and are recruiting them, say Homeland Security sources.

An estimated 57,000 minors from Central America have flooded across the border from Mexico to the U.S. in recent months, and gang leaders are reportedly filling their ranks from among them.

Transnational gangs such as the Mara Salvatruca, also known as MS-13, and the 18th Street gang are using established juvenile members from Central America to cross the border and recruit other children to the cartels, say sources. <Source>

Group of Illegal Aliens from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka Caught Entering Texas from Mexico

A single group of illegal aliens entering Texas from Mexico over the weekend included foreign nationals from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). The group crossed into the Rio Grande Valley sector from Tamaulipas, Mexico. <Source>

Act of war?

We are being invaded by individuals, mostly from a foreign sovereign nation, Mexico, that receives significant economic advantage from these illegal incursions. That the Mexican government has done little or nothing to prevent the influx of illegal aliens over their Southern Border and preventing them from transiting Mexico to illegally enter our borders.

Act of Treason?

It appears that President Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats has violated the prime directive: national security, subverting the Constitution of the United States by usurping the law-making power of Congress as well as using executive orders that illegally aid and abet criminal acts.


White House pursuing plan to expand immigrant rights

Even as President Obama grapples with the crisis of immigrant children arriving at the Southwest border, White House officials are laying the groundwork for a large-scale expansion of immigrant rights that would come by executive action within weeks.

Officials signaled strongly Friday that Obama's move would shield from deportation large numbers of immigrants living in the country illegally, as advocacy groups have demanded.

Roughly 5 million of the estimated 11 million people who entered the country without legal authorization or overstayed their visas could be protected under a leading option the White House is considering, according to officials who discussed the proposals on condition of anonymity. <Source>

Bottom line …

It is now time to make crossing our border for the first time a felony. And, shutting down the magnets that draw illegal aliens to our country. Children will assume the nationality of their parents unless their parents are legal American citizens. Any governmental entity that fails to comply with existing laws by providing sanctuary status will be deprived of taxpayer funds, and the officials prosecuted. Any, organization – including the Catholic Church – will lose their tax exemption for harboring fugitives. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that the separation of church and state allows the church to violate civil law with impunity.

We are now living in a world where biological warfare no longer needs to be conducted with military-grade weaponry. Using disease infected people who are not stopped or medically examined when they enter the United States illegally, we are seeing the rise of diseases that were previously thought to be eradicated in first world countries. Spread by the unconstitutional and illegal actions of government agencies as they disperse illegal aliens around the United States in what might be considered, under different conditions, to be aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war.

Under the Cloward-Piven scenario, we are seeing our infrastructure stretched to the breaking point where medical and law enforcement can no longer function and the situation decays into chaos and anarchy – forcing America into socialism/communism.

It is time to throw the progressive socialist democrats out of office – investigating and prosecuting those who are corrupt and have committed high crimes and misdemeanors. It is time that government officials and bureaucrats be denied immunity from the consequences of their actions.

We are a nation of laws and the progressive socialist democrats not only want to violate the Constitution of the United States, but be rewarded for their treason.

-- steve

Tropical Storm May Brew in Atlantic This Week

Tropical Storm May Brew in Atlantic This Week

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Remember this? Please Pass on Without Comment DO NOT ADD A SINGLE WORD

Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening.
The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised "Meet ThePress'.From Sunday's 07 Sept. 2008 11 : 48 : 04 EST, Televised "Meet the Press"
THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag. General Bill Gann' USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn't follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.
The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171...
During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, "Stand and Face It".

Senator Obama replied :
"As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides." "There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression..." "The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing."

Obama continued : "The National Anthem should be 'swapped' for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing'. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails - - - perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ...."

When I Become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past".

"Of course now, I have found myself about to become The President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path.My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country's First black Family. Indeed,CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America "

Yes, you read it right. I for one, am speechless!!!

Dale Lindsborg , Washington Post



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Ah'. the Scots ......! Pubs in Scotland

Pubs in Scotland




Amendment’s ‘caregiver’ clause sneaky approach to legalizing marijuana - Other Views -

Amendment’s ‘caregiver’ clause sneaky approach to legalizing marijuana - Other Views -

The tea party movement is all that stands between the liberal dream of creating a socialist nation and the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers

Dear Patriot,

Since Monday, over 10,000 letters have been sent to Congress demanding that they repeal the union handout Davis-Bacon Act. I want to thank all of you who have made your voice heard. There is still a lot of work to be done before the next election in November to assure that we not only return our nation to our founding principles, but also take the gavel away from Sen. Harry Reid and stop the Obama Administration's plans to destroy our nation.

Sign The Petition Today

The tea party movement is all that stands between the liberal dream of creating a socialist nation and the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. If we do not fight, there is no question that the Republican establishment and liberal Democrats will drive our country over the cliff.

Sign the Petition Today

If you have not signed the petition yet, please take a moment to do so now. You do not need to contribute to make your voice heard but if you can, we will have what we need to continue the fight. It is up to you.

Big government, crony capitalism and political corruption is what causes income inequality, not American Exceptionalism. When good people do nothing, evil will prevail. Will you stand with us to fight? Contribute here

Make your voice heard! Sign the petition here!!

Thank you,
Niger Innis
Executive Director