Sunday, August 31, 2014

Audubon Florida Advocate Naturalist Magazine - Summer 2014!

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Audubon Florida Advocate
Naturalist Magazine - Summer 2014
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Summer Edition of Audubon Florida Naturalist Magazine Now Available

Download your (free!) copy of Audubon's popular conservation magazine right now - and share with your friends!


Labor Day weekend marks the traditional end of summer and the start of fall.But this fall is different. We have a chance to do something that will completely shape the future of Florida conservation. Amendment 1 will direct $18 billion over twenty years to protect and restore water and land. We must do everything in our power to get 60% of the vote on November 4. 

Nearly one million Florida voters signed the Water and Land Legacy petition to put Amendment 1 on the ballot. Audubon members gathered nearly 40,000 signatures and helped raise the budget to fund the campaign. To those who gathered signatures and contributed, please accept our hearty gratitude. You helped create an historic moment for Florida conservation.

Florida’s conservation history is an epic tale of people who had the vision and passion to protect Florida’s special places through land conservation programs and projects. Please download the latest edition of Audubon Florida Naturalist to learn more about these places and the people who have enriched our state's remarkable natural heritage. 


Don't forget, the 2014 Audubon Assembly will be held on October 17-18 and will help rally people to vote in favor of Amendment 1. We hope that you will join us – all Audubon members and supporters are welcome. We keep the costs low so you can learn and help shape Audubon’s conservation agenda. 

Thank you.


Audubon Florida

P.S. For additional details on the Audubon Assembly, see pages 14-15 in theNaturalist Magazine. It's going to be a BIG YEAR for Florida's land, water, and wildlife!