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Here we go again...Smurf and Viagras...

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Here we go again...Smurf and Viagras

Posted: 30 Aug 2014 03:17 PM PDT

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
It would be amusing, if not for that fact it is so frustrating, a months old photo that we have published 3 times on BB is now newly discovered by Mexican media.  

Reforma published an article today, with the photo of  Estanislao Beltran,  aka Papa Smurf  (above)and Nicholas Sierra Santana, aka "Nico" or "El Gordo" one of the brothers who formed the Los Viagras cartel.

Reforma, along with others that form the Mexican media are reporting, "social networks are showing a video that shows links with El Gordo, of the Viagras cartel".

Even huge supporters of Mireles and Autodefensas such as Grillonautas, are reacting as though this is "news".  I am left with the impression, unless news falls in the lap of the media through social media, it will not have a chance in hell of  being exposed. 


What appears to be clear, is only now the media has become interested it what has transpired with Castillo and his thugs that lead and are members of "Rurales".

Clearly, they are not conducting simple investigation to find the pieces to splice together to create the big picture. If they would backtrack to Dr. Mireles' plane crash, and go forward it becomes crystal clear.  They will see it.

It was  during his convalescence, Smurf, his escort and friend,  threw  Mireles  under the bus, as he muscled into lead position, without a vote.

Then enters the EPN, unlawfully created the position of  "Commission for Security and Integral Development of Michoacán". Of which  no other state has, and in order to lawfully install the new position of authority, it  must be approved by congressional vote.  Alfredo Castillo, was appointed, without vote.
This was the last meeting that Dr. Mireles was privy to- you can see the concern on his face
Castillo became  frustrated that Dr. Mireles did not want to play ball,  in the type of game that Castillo had in mind........enter Smurf.  

When Mireles returned to Michoacán, with weeks of therapy remaining, Smurf must have been stunned at the warm, and supporting welcome Doc received upon his return.  Mireles was quickly reinstated into his former position.   

That is when Castillo made his move.  He began conducting meetings, with Americano, El Cinco, and Smurf.  Secret meetings.  Decision making meetings.  All contrary to the bylaws of CAM.  All without the leader of CAM.

The plan was placed into action,   tactics to disparage Mireles were not successful,  such as saying "he is now mentally unbalanced because of the accident and can't be a part of the group, he needs medical intervention.  Going as far as to take Mireles against his will to a mental evaluation facility for "evaluation" as to establish a record of  his being in such a facility.

The set up and pivotal point, happened in Caleta.  To read about that incident, please us this link.  

The link will also have the full two page document, back story details and familiar photos, the Americano photo, and El Gordo photo.

 During the aftermath of the Caleta shootout, Mireles was a couple hrs away in a meeting of hundreds of people.  He eventually arrived on the scene.  When he did the investigator asked Dr Mireles to help hold a corpse upright for an identification photo for the medical examiner. He did so.  The following day Castillo told the press "In the Caleta incident, Mireles took a trophy photo of a corpse,  holding the head and "posing" with it"

I immediately texted Dr. Mireles asking about it.  He explained what happened. He sent me a foto depicting the inspector from the medical examiners office (wearing gloves) and himself holding the torso and head upright for the photo.  He sent me the photo which I immediately posted on BB. A day or two later it was published in the media.

We first published it in May, and lastly on the July 28th post.  Initially I did so because of  the   document of May 7th simply titled 'Comunicado'.  The document was to oust Dr. Mireles from his position of general coordinator and leader of Michoacán's Autodefensa Union known as CAM.

Aside for having only a dozen valid signatures, the document reveals the name "Nicolas Sierra Santana, who I knew as one of the viagras.  On the document, I used an arrow to draw attention to the document and type "Viagras".  See below, although I have now cropped it, please click on image for clarity.

 In the Reforma article is states that the Viagras cartel originated in Buenavista, that is incorrect, it began in Huetamo.  Buenavista factors in with Simon El Americano.  He founded the autodefensas group of H3 in Buenavista under the direction of Viagras.  The Buenavista mayor,  Osbaldo Esquivel Lucatero, wanted to form an autodefensa group, Viagras did not want one in Buenavista, eventually they installed Americano as leader of H3, which has always been controlled by Viagras.

When Americano was called in to give a statement to authorities in Michocán, the writing was on the wall.  I predicted they would say it was not him, but I had a 50-50 hope they would conduct an investigation, but I was under the impression the federal agency of PGR would investigate.  They did not.  Another song, another dance, Americano went in, said "not me, Tuta who?" and was let go. A polygraph would have been a very useful tool.

All is not lost, the photo sparked media interest, evident by this Smurf photo.  The hope is they will dig deeper, if they do they won't have to go far.  

If they have the interest.

Gordo is not tool happy with the people chewing out Smurf
Below is the video I saw in May, it is the full version:
click on image to enlarge
I created a this screen shot and posted it as well

Hunger Strike at Altiplano Super Max?... yes Barbie and Chapo?... no

Posted: 30 Aug 2014 11:58 AM PDT

 Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
The Washington Post is reporting that the widely reported hunger strike, allegedly initiated by El Chapo and El Barbie, did in fact exist, but was small and did not include the two incarcerated cartel leaders.

Proceso magazine,  broke the story of the hunger strike, stating that it was El Chapo who was the author of  the grievance hunger strike which was joined by 1000 inmates over a five day period.

Rigid rules are implemented at the Altiplano No.1 super max prison. Strict regulations, mindful construction and offensive measures, assure the prison maintains its stratus of being the sole prison in Mexico that has not been confronted with a successful escape.  Many of the most notorious of prisoners are housed in Altiplano.

Visitors including attorneys, are not allowed to enter with wallets, shoelaces, pens, even tie clips.   Complaints include; inspections by guards inside underwear, and women must remove their bras.

 As in American super max prisons, for exercise inmates are allowed only one hour daily outside their cells, but are in a fenced inclosed area, they are not privy to the general prison population..
Proceso had reported that the 1000 inmate hunger strike was to protest against  prison’s poor hygiene, medical care and food, and the assertion that Chapo had organized the strike, a remarkable feat under the isolated conditions he is subjected to.

NYT wrties: Not just that the world’s most fearsome drug lord was now apparently a human rights crusader but that he had the freedom of movement and communication inside the prison to pull it off".

Prison officials confirmed the July strike occurred, but states that Barbie and Chapo did not organize the strike, adding  their isolation makes it  a virtual impossibility for them to do so.

The hunger strike had 100 people involved, and lasted only 1 day.

Some of the notorious bigs that are or have been incarcerated in Altiplano are:

  • Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias "El Chapo Guzman", former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel .
  • Mario Aburto Martinez confessed Alleged murderer of Luis Donaldo Colosio
  • Daniel Arizmendi López Known as the Mochaorejas former head of a Mexican kidnapping gang.
  • Eduardo and Francisco Arellano Félix family members Arellano Felix, leader of Tijuana Cartel
  • Mario Villanueva Madrid Ex-Governor of the State of Quintana Roo
  • Osiel Cardenas Guillen Ex-leader of the Gulf Cartel
  • Teodoro Garcia Simental Alias ​​El Teo known as who fractured the cartel of the Arellano
  • Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Alias ​​The Godfather , former leader of the defunct Guadalajara Cartel
  • Edgar Valdez Villarreal alias La Barbie Sicario and head of the armed wing of the Beltran Leyva Cartel
  • Miguel Treviño Morales Alias ​​The Z-40 premier leader of Los Zetas
  • Jesus Zambada Garcia-Known as "the king Zambada". He is the brother of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada
  • Oscar Oswaldo García Montoya alias “El Compayito” leader of the criminal organization  “La Mano con Ojos
  •  José Jorge Balderas Garza, alias "El JJ", suspected of the attempted murder  footballer Salvador Cabañas
  • Luis Fernando Sánchez Arellano  alias "El Ingeniero", leader of Tijuana's CAF criminal organization