Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Honor and Remember Symbolism...

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  Honor and Remember Symbolism

Over the last several years, many of you have sent in pictures displaying the Honor and Remember Flag in a variety of ways - not only hanging on a flag pole but also displayed indoors in churches, organizations and businesses. Many of these photos have shown the flag in an attractive frame hung in a prominent location. What we have seen along with the flags have been creative ideas for sharing the unique and important symbolism. 

It became apparent that not only was it important to display the flag, but also it was helpful to explain its various symbols. If someone walked into your home, your place of business, school, etc. and asked, "I see that flag out there, what does it mean?" It would be simple to hand them a brochure or point them to an official explanation. 

It is with this idea in mind that we designed an attractive symbolism poster that colorfully and succinctly explains what each element of the flag's design represents. It is laminated and can be hung as is, or framed and placed alongside your Honor and Remember Flag. In fact if you didn't have a flag this poster would make a visual statement.

If you follow this link you can download the file and print these out for your use. DOWNLOAD POSTER HERE. Or if you care to purchase them from our store they will come laminated and ready to hang.PURCHASE POSTER HERE

Regardless of the method you use, please consider including this awareness poster in your education plan of this important national symbol. 


Here are other ways You Can Help! ITS CFC TIME. If you are in the military or a federal employee please consider designating Honor and Remember Inc, Combined Federal Campaign #92995 and pass the word!

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