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The real truth from Tamps newspaper of today "Reynosa suffers violence without end" Just one of the cities in the state suffering from great violence ...

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Osario Chong visits the U.S. says Tamaulipas violence has declined

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 10:12 PM PDT

Lucio R Borderland Beat from Proceso
The real truth from Tamps newspaper of today "Reynosa suffers violence without end"
Just one of the cities in the state suffering from great violence

Despite more than a dozen shootings and clashes in recent days between criminal, federal police and soldiers in Tamaulipas, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, head of Interior Ministry he said that in that state violence has decreased. 

"In Tamaulipas we  have made very important advances to ensure peace and security," or so, Osorio Chong bragged during a press conference with Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security United States.

The constant confrontations in Tamaulipas, especially in Reynosa, seem to go unnoticed for those in charge of the country's security in the government of Enrique Peña Nieto.

"They have reduced violence,  ... we believe that our strategy is working well and we will go ahead and move ahead to restore calm to various states of the Republic," Osorio Chong, boasted after making a visit to Washington to meet with Johnson.

Just a few days ago in Reynosa,  SEDESO's  Jose Antonio Meade was on tour with Governor Egidio Torre, in various colonias ,  when a clash erupted  between criminals and federal elements that killed at least a dozen and paralyzed the city for several hours.

"In Tamaulipas, of the 15 priority objectives of criminals, all have been arrested in recent months ... I want to tell you that is not the same violence happening in  Tamaulipas, as  what happened a few years ago. Today the difference is important, fragmentation is the biggest problem, but undoubtedly we are on track to fix it., " The Interior Secretary lies like a rug said.

Questioned by Proceso about the recent incidents of violence, which contrasts with his observations that the clashes were declining, Osorio Chong was a little more restrained in his statements.

"I think things are quieter, they have been changing, and I want to reiterate this is from data figures manipulated by the government. There is a profound change. I can back up what I say. The commission of crimes are down,  "said Osorio Chong.

The charge of internal government policy of Peña Nieto admitted that the solution to the violence in states like Tamaulipas "is not a matter of two years." He stressed that it is "a matter of much more", because it had been an accumulating decay.

"On the issue of security in this state and in others we had had to go in and conduct order, restore peace, security and we will continue on this path, "he said.

Bilateral Agenda

In the press conference after their meeting, the two ministers said they discussed important issues of bilateral agenda due to them as border security, immigration, and trade.

"The relationship between the two countries has never been better, we continue to build bridges," said Johnson.

Secretary of Homeland Security asked whether he had information about the statements published  by the British newspaper The Guardian of Rosa Isela Guzman, the supposed daughter of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera, about her “father” who she claims had  entered the U.S. on at least two occasions in recent months.

Johnson replied that "he had heard the allegation" but he had nothing to discuss with respect to the story.  He also asked about whether the government of Mexico officially complained to the U.S. about the allegation, and about the participation of agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the second capture of El Chapo Guzman,  February 2014 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where US agents , together with colleagues from the DEA and the US Marshall would dressed in the uniform of the Navy of Mexico (Marina) to capture the drug kingpin.

"I do not comment on any operation of our federal agencies, I would say that cooperation between our two governments in the area of ​​law enforcement is robust and highly collaborative," Johnson interrupted.

Pressured by the response of his US counterpart, by  his not confirming nor denying the remark, Osorio Chong interjected "there was no participation" by American in those actions.

Tanhuato Michoacán: Weapons at massacre reportedly linked to fast and furious 

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 03:55 PM PDT

Lucio R. with C.E. Martinez for Borderland Beat material from Insight Crime and BB Archives

How many of these high profile killings will Fast & Furious weapons be discovered?  How is it that these weapons are only discovered at Big Stories? Whatever the case, that is the story

Insight Crime and other news outlets are reporting that,  once again, weapons linked to the U.S. operation Fast & Furious, have been discovered in the aftermath of  a “Big Story”. 

In this case, these weapons were discovered at the massacre of El Rancho El Sol located in communities Tanhuato and Ecuandureo. Michoacán, which sits on the border of Jalisco. 

Last May the killing of 42 young men by federal forces, had overwhelming evidence of another extrajudicial massacre by the government. Beginning with the lopsided number of deaths on each side, 42 civilians, 1 federal element.  Evidence strongly suggests the men were ambushed while sleeping, killed from gunfire from the air (minigun from helicopter) as they attempted to flee, re-positioning of bodies in photos, and torturing before death.  Many of the bodies were in rigor mortis when moved and placed in another position, easily identified in photos, so to the planting of weapons and shots to the back.

The government’s version is that forces were attacked.

 Raul Benitez Manaut, a security expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico says:

 “Apparently the gang offered no resistance; it was a very uneven fight. A battle where 42 die on one side and only one on the other is not a battle."

Below: slide show has very graphic images

From Insight Crime

Weapons linked to the controversial US anti-gun trafficking operation “Fast and Furious” were found last spring at the scene of a bloody clash between Mexican police and a group of alleged cartel gunmen that left 43 dead, according to documents obtained exclusively by InSight Crime. 
The previously unpublished documents, obtained through a freedom of information request, show how US and Mexican authorities traced weapons from the shootout in Michoacán to the now infamous operation, which saw US authorities allow thousands of firearms to cross into Mexico in a failed attempt to trace them to arms dealers.
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Additionally From Insight

The documents obtained by InSight Crime show that Mexican authorities reported recovering 42 firearms, one .50 caliber rifle and one antitank rocket at the scene of the bloodbath.
The Mexican federal police submitted the weapons for tracing to the agency that ran Fast and Furious, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco and Firearms (ATF), which determined that two of the firearms were “related” to the operation, though “it is unclear if the [Fast and Furious] guns were used during this event.” 
US laws prohibit the ATF from publicly disclosing most details about the weapons it traces, and the documents obtained by InSight Crime are heavily redacted, making it difficult to determine how the guns ended up at Rancho El Sol. 
The Mexican Attorney General’s office, which is handling the probe of the incident, did not respond to a request for comment.
Read Insight Crime full report by linking here, BB posts covering the massacre link here, additional background information of the event link here. 

Below Scribd documents (ATF) and Photos