Monday, May 2, 2016

The Autobahn between Stuttgart and Munich ...

The Autobahn between Stuttgart and Munich
1.  The rear view mirror in the video is maddening.
2.  The speedometer is visible just over the center of the steering wheel and a bit to the right. 
The highest I saw it register was 278 kilometer per hour (@173 mph)  
3.  People don’t get out of the fast lanes on the autobahn any better than elsewhere.
HANG ONTO YOUR SEAT while an Audi races 2 motorcycles on the Autobahn. 
In Germany, the Autobahn between Stuttgart and Munich is used by the auto industry for their high speed test tracks. The Germans have three types of divided highways, limited access, freeways, and the Autobahn. All have speed limits except the Autobahn. One is not allowed to pass on the right, which both motorcycles and the Audi did in the video. The left lane is for high speed traffic and to overtake another vehicle one flashes their lights and the other vehicle should move to the right (or get  a ticket for hindering traffic). 
This will give you a Go Fast high for the day.  
The guy in the Audi is nuts and the guys on the bikes make the Audi guy look sane.
And oddly, the female passenger is a real sport about it all.