Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Wins, Globalism Move Loses In a referendum on the move towards globalism, the United Kingdom delivered a body blow nobody saw coming Thursday when it voted to exit the European Union and reclaim its national sovereignty.

Brexit Wins, Globalism Move Loses
In a referendum on the move towards globalism, the United Kingdom delivered a body blow nobody saw coming Thursday when it voted to exit the European Union and reclaim its national sovereignty. This article is thus directed at current incumbents and the wanna-be incumbents of our elected offices--pay very close attention to the British vote.

Our President told the Brits to stay put, siding with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron, following the results of the vote, has announced he will resign by Oct. 1. Cameron's own Tory Party did not support his position and voted to leave the EU.

Here in America, the Presidential hopefuls that appear to be the nominees--Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are on opposite sides of the coin as well. Clinton--ever the politician--publicly support Obama in his statement to the Brits to stay put. Trump--whose campaign has split the Republican Party down the middle--supported the "leave" voters. It appears Trump, the ultimate political outsider, again has a clearer grasp of what is motivating voters than the insiders.

Which brings us down to campaign rhetoric between Clinton and Trump.

Hil-liar attacked Trump's "lack of knowledge" on Tuesday. She was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as asserting Trump's proposed policies would "bankrupt America" very quickly as he has not the political acumen to get things right and "knows nothing about the economy." After the 22-year record she and her husband have had on economic issues, she's in no position to criticize anyone.

So far, five hours after the British vote result was announced, she has been conspicuously silent. Trump, by contrast, was standing in Scotland, opening his newly renovated golf course at Troonbury. He spoke for about an hour on not just the golf course but also the vote.

"Brits have voted to regain their sovereignty, close their borders and re-establish their own country," he said. Now it is odd that the American press was there in droves to record what Trump had to say. The Republican National Committee, which has opposed Trump's candidacy loud and clear, berated Trump on Monday for taking this trip and suspending his political campaign. Now that this vote was in, a vote in which London's wishes were defeated by a near 4-point margin in a massive voter turnout, the RNC has egg on its face again.

I have been blatantly outspoken on America's 2016 campaign, claiming the political insiders have been missing the boat by not factoring in the anger vote. Privately I was hoping for a British exit from the EU to support this position.

Now that it is here, I listened intently for some sort of admission in the press reports that they had missed the depth of voter anger. I was disappointed. They still can't see the forest for the trees. 

Trump set a record for voter support in this Republican primary. He garnered more votes than anyone ever has on the GOP side. He has attracted a voting base that largely ignored the GOP side over the past 19 election cycles. That is not the focus. The focus is on the 'negative' side of the vote from normal GOP stalwarts claiming "Anyone But Trump."

They cite poll after poll which shows negative numbers in record territory, but never once look at the Trump positive. One of the problems I have with the analyzing operatives of the polls is they are political insiders, they are a part of the group that have missed the depth of the anger at the establishment sweeping the country. They go back again and again to the Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney or other past loser types to get a grip on what the raw numbers are telling them. 

Americans are just like Brits in many ways. The Brits want the illusion of safety the English Moat provided them from happenings in the rest of Europe. Americans want the illusion of safety a wall provides from neighbors in the Americas. Brits want a government that works for them, so do Americans.

Now when those governments import danger by decree (refugees or other illegals coming across open borders), when those governments cannot identify the danger by name (Islam) and when those governments put punitive measures in place against those who go public with their concerns (Inland Revenue audits or IRS audits or other government surveillance), the average man on the street seethes inside. The repressed anger builds towards his government, especially one who has put him in an economic bind by issuing public debt for entitlement programs because a large portion of tax revenue is diverted to out-of-country concerns. Those do not matter as much as what happens in-country.

It is that concern Trump nailed on the head with his "Put up a wall and have Mexico pay for it" statement. The Mexicans say they will not pay for the wall. Just suspend trade with them or put a major import duty on goods coming from Mexico. Collect the necessary dollars by making it impossible for the Mexican economy to do business with America until they pay for the wall. 

Those dumb American corporations that expanded factories in other lands will find without an ability to import those manufactured items into the U.S. they are on the losing end of the stick. It will force them to rethink expansion in the U.S. instead of other countries.

The Brexit vote was great for Britain in the long haul. 

What is better is America has a candidate who understands how to make things work for business. Someone who is not a political insider and scares the rest of the world's Establishment as much as he scares America's. 

It is almost as if God was answering a Main Street prayer that establishment elites would not or could not conceive of issuing.

"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson