Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ISIS commits acts of war against us and we let them get away with it. Time to kickass starting with the infestation in the White House...

Fellow Patriots,

Obama honestly believes that, as bad as terrorist attacks are, American "overreaction" is worse. 

In Obama's view, defending ourselves only increases the problem rather than reducing it, making us as much a part of the problem as the terrorist threat itself.

ISIS commits acts of war against us and we let them get away with it. 

Our failure to defend ourselves is an incentive for the terrorists to strike even harder.

Joseph, as if Obama's policies weren't destructive enough, we are faced with the very real threat that his ideological clone Hillary Clinton will win the White House...and she is ahead in recent polls. 

For four, maybe even eight more years, we will be held hostage by the same failed ideology that leaves us defenseless today.

I refuse to let Hillary Clinton become President - not on my watch!  So will you make an urgent contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more so that I can mount a huge national campaign to defeat her?

Joseph, the way to defeat this terrorism is militarily in the places that it exists. Neither Obama nor Hillary has the guts to admit that. 

Joseph, there's more you need to know.  

I'm facing an imminent fundraising deadline. I need to have the maximum amount of resources on-hand to send a message to the Clinton campaign that serious attacks are coming. The deadline is midnight on June 30th. 

So will you show your commitment to defeating Hillary Clinton by making an urgent donation towards my June 30th deadline? Click here now if you can help.

Joseph, keeping America safe and strong starts with electing leaders with the guts to defend American freedom...and that's simply NOT Hillary Clinton. 

For America, 

John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations 

John Bolton PAC