Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So, the Democrats have their priorities...?

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So, the Democrats have their priorities

And ISIS has its priorities.
So, how many times did Democrats mention ISIS last night and yesterday?

That’s right! At the DNC – 61 speakers, zero mentions of ISIS. But the Democrats did find time to put an illegal immigrant on stage, as well as an irritating comedic actress who uses her spare time auctioning sanitary napkins. They found time for another actress who claimed that the “border crossed” her family, and a video from J.J. Abrams about that Queen of Mystery and Light, Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats know their priorities. And defeating ISIS isn’t one of them. They’re too busy cheering lustily for a 74-year-old loonbag preaching discredited evils responsible for the murder of 100 million people in the 20th century to worry about another evil murdering priests in Normandy, fireworks-watchers in Nice, gay nightclub-goers in Orlando, and children in Jerusalem.

Last week, the media complained that Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech was too “dark.” Perhaps it was “dark” because the Democrats have created a rather dark world for us to occupy, even as they blindly refuse to acknowledge it.