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Hello again from snopes, where we shed light on the wild tales you've heard!

snopes Update:28 September 2016

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Hello again from snopes, where we shed light on the wild tales you've heard!

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New Articles:

Obama Purging Military for Not Shooting Citizens 

President Obama is not purging U.S. military leaders who refuse to fire on U.S. citizens.

Tug of War Dismemberment 

WARNING: Photograph shows the aftermath of a grisly tug-of-war contest in which two men lost their arms.

Boston Police Officer Kills Black Man Over Marijuana Cigarette 

Fake news reports that an African American man living in the Boston area was shot by police officers following a dispute regarding a marijuana cigarette.

Woman with Concealed Carry Permit Saves Multiple Lives After Stopping Department Store Shooter 

Fake news reports a woman saved multiple lives by using her concealed carry pistol to take down a department store shooter in Virginia.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Beat Homeless Veteran 

A video purportedly depicting Black Lives Matter protesters beating a homeless vet in Charlotte in fact was filmed in London and unrelated to BLM protests.

Ford Motors Funds Black Lives Matter 

Multiple online outlets falsely reported that the Ford Motor Company had donated $100 million to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fukushima Radiation Causes 100% Infant Mortality Among Orca Whales 

A fear-mongering article based on old statistics and speculation circulated in September 2016, stating that radiation from Fukushima had caused 100% infant mortality among Orca Whales.

Police Allowed to 'Pop Hoods' to Block Dash Cams 

Two images of three Danville, Virginia, police vehicles with their hoods raised led to incorrect claims the practice was sanctioned to obstruct dash cams.

70% of Arrested Charlotte Protesters Are Out-of-State Criminals 

An erroneous report about Charlotte protesters brought to that city from other states stemmed from one police spokesman's speculative estimate.

'I Kiss His Balls for Luck' 

Old broadcast legend holds that the wife of a famous golfer blurted out on the air that she kisses her husband's balls for luck.

Walmart Refuses to Produce a 'Thin Blue Line' Retirement Cake? 

A viral Facebook repost reported Walmart's bakery employees refused to sell a 'thin blue line' retirement cake to a policeman's daughter because they deemed it racist.

Texas Man Speaks About Black Lives Matter 

An anonymous resident of East Texas shared his opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Watching Horror Movies Reduces Risk of Obesity? 

A medical study purportedly showed that watching a scary movie can burn a significant number of calories and even reduce the risk of obesity.

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Escorted from Presidential Debate Site 

The third-party nominee was asked to leave the site of the first presidential debate at Hofstra University.

The Origins of Policing in the United States 

Memes claim that modern law enforcement evolved out of slave patrols.

Canned Pumpkin Isn't Actually Pumpkin? 

Just ahead of the fall holidays, a viral social media rumor suggested the pumpkin in pumpkin pie is secretly produced from other squash.

Trump Deletes 'Global Warning' Claim? 

The Republican presidential nominee tweeted in 2012 that China invented the concept of global warming, but he didn't delete the statement during the debate.

Clinton Received Debate Questions Week Before Debate 

A fake news story reported that Hillary Clinton was given her questions for the first presidential debate of 2016 a week in advance.

Stop and Frisk Takes Center Stage at First Debate 

A back-and-forth about controversial "stop and frisk" law enforcement policies dominated part of the first presidential debate of 2016.

New York Police Officer Caught on Camera Raping Girl? 

A widely-shared video wrongly identifies a South African officer charged with rape as an NYPD employee.

FBI Warned About White Supremacists Infiltrating Police Departments 

In 2006, the FBI issued a warning that infiltration by groups such as the KKK into law enforcement agencies could present a security risk.

Did Tiffany Chokers Originate as Slave Collars? 

Tiffany & Co. never made or sold slave collars, and a viral image of a slave collar is not from an exhibit at Washington's Museum of African American History and Culture.

Marine Corps May Change 'The Few, the Proud' Slogan 

The Marine Corps Recruiting Command has announced they're considering replacing their 39-year-old recruiting slogan, "The Few, The Proud, The Marines."

Royal British Legion Won't Sell 'Offensive' Poppies This November? 

The Royal British Legion will not be refraining from the sale of poppies in "certain areas" because minorities are offended.

Hillary Clinton Wore Secret Earpiece During First Presidential Debate? 

A video purportedly showing a wire running down Hillary Clinton's back was shared as proof she wore a secret earpiece during the first presidential debate.

Nation Ignores 'Racist' Murder of Elderly White Woman? 

The brutal murder of an elderly white Georgia woman involving African-American suspects has not proved to be a racially motivated killing.

Trump Threatens to Skip Remaining Debates If Hillary Is There 

Reports that Trump would not attend the final presidential debates if Hillary Clinton showed up originated with a satirical column.

Was Donald Trump Against the Iraq War from the Beginning? 

GOP candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he opposed the invasion of Iraq before it took place in 2003. Here's what the public record shows.

Shimon Peres, Former Leader of Israel, Dies 

Peres served as the country's prime minister and president, and worked in many other aspects of government during his seven decades in politics.

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