Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Intelligence Picture Over Iraq and Syria Has Gotten Much Cloudier...

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September 21, 2016
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The Intelligence Picture Over Iraq and Syria Has Gotten Much Cloudier // Patrick Tucker

The leader of Air Combat Command says new players on the battlefield are complicating the air fight against ISIS. 

Tomorrow's Downed Pilots May Be Rescued by an Osprey-Black Hawk Team // Marcus Weisgerber

A U.S. Air Force chief of staff who was shot down over Serbia has reenergized the debate over the best way to do combat search and rescue. 

Brought to you by Northrop Grumman

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The Air Force Is Starting to Think About Its Next Strike Aircraft // Caroline Houck

Service leaders are laying groundwork for a new strike capability — even as they work to unground their F-35s. 

How Mistakes and Mission Creep Are Shaping Libya's Future // Steven A. Cook

Lost in the din of developments at the UN this week is a British report on the 'failed' intervention that has turned the country into an 'unmitigated disaster.' 

To Counter Russian Disinformation, Look to Cold War Tactics // Robert Caruso

For the next administration, identifying, countering and neutralizing Moscow's influence operations should be a priority. 

The D Brief: September 20 // Ben Watson, Marcus Weisgerber and Bradley Peniston

Syrian cease-fire is over; 'War crime' in Aleppo convoy bombing?'; Iraqi troops advance closer to Mosul; Laser-armed helicopter drones; More than 8,000 cameras helped nab suspected NYC/NJ bomber; Sikorsky's 'ace in the hole'; And a bit more.