Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Short, Hard-hitting Message For Christians and Jews -You owe it to yourself to read

Author unknown, it was pretty rough when I got it, tried to clean it up. It is a good read! Do pass it on to your Family friends and followers!

This may be the best and most honest political promotion statement you will  ever read. It decidedly does not brush objections aside. 
 You hate Hillary? READ it. You hate Trump? READ it. You think there's no choice? READ it. 
And, read it with your grown-up hat on. We've all been dealt huge responsibility with this election. 
READ THIS. Read every single word. It'll take you about three minutes. 
Are you sickened and despondent with the current campaign and upcoming presidential election?   I consider myself a conservative and do truly believe our country is at a political/economic/moral/social crossroads. I need to let you know I could/would never vote for Hillary Clinton to lead this country.
 A trustworthy, personal friend worked at the White House during Bill Clinton's administration. The tales you have heard regarding Hillary published or reported by right wing/conservative media are mild little anecdotes compared to reality. She is a deceitful, manipulative, self serving, mean spirited, callous, angry, power hungry woman with absolutely no love of country or desire to see American traditions preserved and continued. 
My opinion is based on first hand, direct knowledge....not upon rumors in  the media. To me, she represents everything that is wrong with our current  political structure.
 On the flip side, I look and listen to Donald Trump and I cringe at every rude, insulting comment he makes. If you find yourself in a similar state of mind, please read the following article: A Message For Christians About Donald Trump:  I am a Jew turned evangelical Christian. I am also a passionate supporter of  Donald Trump. I have a message for Christians who don't like Donald Trump: "YOU'RE MISSING THE BOAT."  Christians have Trump all wrong. 
God sends messages in many forms. You're just not listening. God is talking, but your eyes and ears are closed.  Maybe God is trying to tell us something important--that now is not the time for a "nice Christian guy" or a "gentleman" or a typical Republican powder puff. Maybe now is the time for a natural born fighter, a warrior. Because right about now we need a miracle, or America is finished.
 Maybe the rules of gentlemen don't apply here. Maybe a gentleman and "all-around nice Christian" would lead us to slaughter.  Or do you want another Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, John McCain, Gerald Ford or Paul Ryan? Did any of them win? Did they lead the GOP to "the promised land?" Did they change the direction of America? No, because if you don't win, you have no say. Paul Ryan couldn't even deliver his own state, Wisconsin! And as leader of  the House, Paul Ryan rolls over to Obama like my dog rolls over for a scrap of food, or a steak bone. Nice, but obedient. I mean Paul Ryan.not my dog. My dog is actually a pretty good defender and loyal. Maybe God is knocking on your door loudly, but you're not listening. Maybe God understands we need a "war leader" at this moment in time. Maybe God understands if we don't win this election, America is dead. It's over. The  greatest nation in world history will be gone. 
And with one last breath, maybe what we need to save us at the last second,  is someone different. Someone you haven't ever experienced before-- because you weren't raised in rough and tumble New York where nothing good gets accomplished unless you're combative, aggressive, outrageous, on offense at all times, and maybe just a tad arrogant too.  
Someone with a personality you've never seen on stage at your church. Maybe, just maybe, being a nice gentlemanly Christian would not beat Hillary and  her billion dollars, and her best friends in the media who will unleash the dogs of hell upon the GOP nominee. 
I guess you think God is only nice and gentlemanly. Really? Then you've missed the whole point of the Bible. When necessary, God is a pretty tough guy. When necessary, God strikes with pain, death and destruction. When necessary, God inflicts vengeance. 
Maybe you think God couldn't possibly be associated with someone like Trump. Trump is too vicious, rude and crude. When we won WWII, was God "nice?" Were we gentlemanly when defeating Hitler? Were we gentlemanly when firebombing > Germany? Were we gentlemanly when dropping atomic bombs on Japan? Is God ever "nice" on the battlefield? Or does he send us vicious SOB's like General George S. Patton so the good guys can defeat evil? It's pretty clear  to me God sends unique people to be "war leaders." That's a different role than a pastor or church leader. God understands that. 
Maybe God purposely sent Trump instead of the nice Republican powder puffs  like Paul Ryan, or Mitt Romney, or John Kasich because he wants us to win. And maybe it's time to re-define "nice." Maybe Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan aren't nice at all--because they would lead us to defeat. And losing again would mean the end of America.
 I don't believe God wants that. Maybe Romney  and Ryan mean well, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or  maybe they're just jealous they had their chance and blew it. Maybe they'd rather help elect Hillary than allow a Trump victory that would make them  look weak and incompetent. 
 I was reading the Bible this morning and I found the perfect verse that explains the success of Donald Trump. Trump is our energy. More energy than any candidate EVER. He took on the 16 best candidates in GOP history...all younger than him...all with better political credentials...and destroyed them with his energy. You mean that kind of energy in a 70-year old isn't inspired by God? Trump renews our strength. Or does the all-time record turnout and all-time record votes for a GOP presidential primary candidate not define "strength?" 
With Trump we mount up with wings like eagles. With Trump as our leader we believe there is nothing we can't do. Any man that can build skyscrapers in Manhattan and vanquish 16 presidential opponents, while spending almost  nothing.can lead us to the heights of eagles. 
With Trump we run, we are not weary. Just when we get tired of the fight against Obama, Hillary, big government, big business, big media, big unions...just when it all seems impossible to overcome the powerful forces of evil... along comes Trump to re-energize us. 
 Trump inspires us. Trump gives us hope. Trump gives us confidence in victory. Trump gives us just a touch of arrogance. Maybe God understands that's exactly what we need right at this late stage to save America. God is about miracles. We don't need a "nice guy" or a "gentleman" right now. It's the 4th quarter and we're losing 14-0. We need a miracle.  
I believe Trump is our miracle for this point in time. I believe Trump is our rowboat -- actually he's more like a battleship!  No one is saying Trump is a perfect  conservative. But he is a patriot. He is a warrior. He is a capitalist. He  is the right man, at the right time. Yes, he's a bit rude and crude and offensive. But that may make him the perfect warrior to save America,  American exceptionalism, capitalism and Judaeo-Christian values. 
The choice should be easy for Christians. It's Trump.or it's the end of the American dream.  If anything in this article strikes a positive chord with you, please pass it on to others you think might be having the same political qualms. And  watch the last debate. 
REMEMBER: Don't vote and you give the crown to Hillary.