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Andnow to the legends, the mayhem, and the misinformation!

snopes Update:12 October 2016

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Another d now to the legends, the mayhem, and the misinformation!

New Articles:

Shark in Daytona Beach 

A repurposed and fake photograph does not show a shark swimming down a Daytona Beach street during Hurricane Matthew.

Facebook Posts Warn Against Getting the Flu Shot 

It’s flu season, and that means a whole new wave of recycled anti-vaccine fearmongering.

Green Bay Packers' Jared Cook Served Fried Chicken's Head at Buffalo Wild Wings? 

NFL player Jared Cook posted a picture on Twitter showing what he claims to be a fried chicken head that came in his meal.

Is the United Nations 'Backing' Black Lives Matter? 

A new report criticizing 'pervasive racial bias' against African-Americans has right-wing websites in a tizzy.

Florida Business Owners Engage In Shootout with Looters; 31 Confirmed Dead 

A fake news site exacerbated Hurricane Matthew fears by claiming that looters were involved in a massive deadly shootout in Daytona Beach.

Hillary Calls Voters 'Bucket of Losers' in Leaked Goldman Sachs Speech 

After Wikileaks published 'The Podesta Emails,' a hoax claimed Hillary Clinton had called progressive voters a 'bucket of losers.'

Report: ISIS Issues Fatwa Against Breeding Cats in Mosul, Iraq 

An Iraqi news agency reported that the Islamic State's central fatwa committee issued a decree prohibiting the breeding of cats inside houses in Mosul.

President Obama Demands 'Ribs and Pussy Too?' 

A clip of Barack Obama reading from his book "Dreams of My Father" has been shared out of context.

Cell Phone Use at Night Causes Eye Cancer 

A photograph purportedly showing a man with eye cancer caused by using his cell phone at night actually captures a case of pinkeye.

Bees Added to Endangered Species List 

After seven species of yellow-faced bees were added to the endangered species list in October 2016, a rumor circulated that all bees had been classified as endangered.

Usain Bolt, Shakira Donated Millions to Haiti After Hurricane Matthew 

Fake news articles inaccurately credited Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt with $10 million in donations to the hurricane-ravaged nation of Haiti.

Ben and Jerry's 'Hate Cops'? 

An image showing the founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream holding a "We Hate Cops" sign has been photoshopped.

High Steaks Game Costs Ruth's Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor 

The Ruth's Chris Steak House restaurant in Ann Arbor bit off more than they could chew and left customers disgruntled with their football-based promotion.

European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was a Controlled Demolition 

Viral news stories misattributed an article written by "9/11 Truth" advocates as one published in the European Scientific Journal. It was actually published in Europhysics News, which is not peer-reviewed.

Kroger Accused of Refusing to Serve a Police Officer 

Another unverified account of a police officer denied service, this one at a Louisiana Kroger grocery store, has gone viral.

Alabama Man Suspected of Creating Real-Life Human Centipede 

In keeping with the fake news trend of regional newspaper impostors, once such site falsely reported that a fugitive had created a 'real life human centipede.'

Melania Trump Copied Statement from Hillary Clinton 

A Facebook image falsely suggested that Melania Trump had copied her statement regarding her husband's offensive statements about women from Hillary Clinton.

Melania Trump Wore 'Pussy-Bow' Blouse to Presidential Debate 

Republican candidate Donald Trump's wife, Melania, wore a blouse style known as "pussy-bow" to the second presidential debate.

Mike Pence Says He's Not Dropping Off the Republican Ticket 

Rumors swirled that Donald Trump's 'locker-room talk' had prompted VP candidate Mike Pence to seek an escape route.

Monica Lewinsky Says She Is Voting for Hillary Clinton 

The former White House intern hasn't publicly expressed a presidential preference outside of fake news.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: NFL Players' Police Violence Protest Is 'Dumb and Disrespectful' 

The Supreme Court Justice said she "wouldn't lock up" Colin Kaepernick but thinks taking a knee during the national anthem is "arrogant."

'Indigenous Peoples' Day' Movement Continues to Grow 

The push comes as Columbus Day receives increasing criticism for erasing the historical contributions of indigenous people of the Americas.

'Today' Show Host Billy Bush Suspended Over Leaked Trump Tape 

Bush can be heard making lewd comments about women alongside Donald Trump in a 2005 audio recording.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Closes Amid Ongoing Worker Strike 

Shuttering of 'Eighth Wonder of the World' marks fifth Atlantic City casino closing since 2014.

U.S. Caught Repainting Fighter Jets to Russian Colors? 

Conspiracy theorists hold that the U.S. repainted some of its fighter jets to look like Russian planes in preparation for a "false flag" attack on Syria.

Was Bill Clinton Expelled from Oxford Over a Rape Incident? 

A long-circulating rumor holds that Bill Clinton raped an Oxford classmate named Eileen Wellstone and was expelled over the incident.

Hillary Clinton: Supreme Court Exists to 'Change and Shape the Law' 

A quote purportedly from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about the role of the Supreme Court is a hoax.

Robert De Niro 'Went Off' on Donald Trump 

DeNiro was supposed to record an ad for a nonpartisan voter campaign but went off script to lambaste Trump instead.

Queen Elizabeth II Passes on Crown as She Retires 

A fake news story reported that Elizabeth II will be retiring in February 2017 and passing the crown to her grandson, Prince William.

Putin Cancels Campaign Event with Trump 

A satirical item published by The New Yorker reported that Russian president Vladimir Putin had cancelled a campaign appearance with Donald Trump.

Federal Judge Orders Status Conference in Trump Rape Lawsuit 

Proceedings in a civil suit against Donald Trump alleging he raped a 13-year-old girl are not scheduled to take place until after the election.

Are Do-It-Yourself EpiPens a Safe Solution? 

In the wake of rising costs, consumers are sharing potentially dangerous alternatives to the EpiPen, the life-saving epinephrine injector.

Does Hillary Clinton Still Secretly Oppose Marriage Equality? 

An e-mail chain revealed by WikiLeaks purportedly documents that Hillary Clinton privately maintains an anti-marriage equality stance while publicly stating otherwise.

Michelle Wants YOU to Monitor Your Own Family Members 

The First Lady gave a 2014 speech in Topeka commemorating Brown v. Board of Education but did not urge students engage in "KGB-style" enforcement of racial tolerance.

Clinton Camp Demands 'Compliant Citizenry' for Master Plan 

Arts advocate Bill Ivey says a leaked e-mail to Clinton deputy John Podesta did not reveal a political "master plan" requiring a "compliant citizenry."

Donald Trump Divorced Ivana Because Her Breast Implants Felt Wrong? 

Rumor holds that Donald Trump disparaged his wife Ivana's breast implants to the media during their marriage, and that the implants were an issue in their divorce.

Donald Trump Attacks Paul Ryan as Division Grows Amid GOP 

The Republican presidential nominee was furious over a conference call in which the House Speaker instructed the party to focus on down-ticket races instead of defending Trump.

Hillary Refers to Muslims as 'Sand Niggers' in WikiLeaks Dump 

The term "sand nigger" does appear in e-mail sent by Hillary Clinton and published by Wikileaks, but she did not use the term herself to describe Muslims.

Intelligence Is Inherited Only from Your Mother? 

Viral news stories falsely claimed that "new research" proved your intelligence is inherited only from your mother.

Michele Bachmann on Columbus Day 

A parody page said Christopher Columbus was the first person to set foot on the North American continent, not the former Republican congresswoman.

Federal Government to Pursue Criminal Charges Against Arizona Sheriff 

The move to pursue federal contempt charges against Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio stems from his controversial "immigration patrols."

Actress Carrie Fisher Said Trump Sniffles Were Due to Cocaine? 

Carrie Fisher tweeted that she believed Donald Trump uses cocaine, but later walked back the statement.

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