Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Posted: 02 Oct 2016 07:05 PM PDT


When it comes to raising taxes or supporting legislation favorable to the corrupt teachers’ unions, the refrain you hear most often is “it’s for the children.” Yet, in spite of billions of dollars diverted to the educational special interests, California continues to graduate another decade of functional illiterates who find it difficult to compete for jobs at a Burger King, let alone a global marketplace. It is as if the children are little more than diversionary cannon fodder in the progressive struggle to pursue their radical socialist/communist agenda and loot the public treasury in the process.

Heaven forbid we should evaluate teachers and make them compete for their jobs as ordinary workers do in the private sector …

Governor Brown vetoes teacher evaluation bill 

Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill Friday that sought to change the teacher evaluation system in California, by ensuring that state standardized test scores be included as a measure of student academic growth when evaluating teachers.

Assemblymember Shirley Weber’s bill, AB 2826 would have required that districts evaluate educators based on multiple measures of student academic growth and performance, including state test scores.

Brown said in a statement that he vetoed the bill because he didn’t think the bill would “materially change current teacher evaluations in California.”  <Source>

Even with dumbed-down testing, California’s children have abysmal scores and many cannot even pass a graduation test given one hundred years ago, let alone read, write, and compute without computer assisted interventions. It scares the hell out of me that some children today cannot tell time with an ordinary analog watch or make change for even the simplest transaction. I can hardly believe that ineptitude and incoherence of A+ papers that friend’s children that are a source of pride to the parents. It is as if participation trophies are being given for writing your own name at the top of the test page.

Bottom line …

As long as the corrupt unions have a strangle hold on education and we continue to allow the educational special interests to plunder school funding, we will continue to produce people who function at the lowest common denominator and are fit for jobs requiring little more than their physical presence and some degree of manual coordination. And, it is the fault of the progressive socialist democrats and the democrat-controlled educational unions. Much as the decline and decay in the inner cities that have been governed under democrat rule for decades. The blacks complain bitterly about the horrible crime and abysmal education in the inner cities, yet they continue to vote for the very people who are screwing them. But, then again, they are likely to be the products of an educational system which is more about mass indoctrination than education. Ask yourself: why a textbook, containing material that has not changed for one hundred years needs to cost $125? And, why almost all of the libraries have turned into media centers?

We are so screwed … and this is the continuing saga of Hillary Clinton and her corrupt party. Promise them everything and give them the leftovers. At least with Trump we will have a chance at educational reform.

-- steve