“When I first walked through the door, the deficit stood at $1.3 trillion, with projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. If we had taken office during ordinary times, we would have started bringing down these deficits immediately.” - Barack Obama

As he campaigned for Crooked Hillary today, Barack Obama went on the corrupt Liberal news outlets - CNNTime Magazine and New York Times -  and told Donald Trump to "stop whining" about a "rigged election". That kinda struck me as funny because for the past 8 years Obama has done nothing but whine and blame others for his own failings.

From the moment he first began to occupy the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama has had failure after failure as president. Throughout it all, he has never once accepted the blame or taken responsibility for his failures, but instead sought to lay blame elsewhere. For the past 8 years, Americans have been forced to endure his incessant whining and fingerpointing.

Here are 21 times the President has passed the buck on failures during his tenure:

  1. Obama’s IRS blames low-level employees in Cincinnati for Tea Party targeting scandal.
  2. Obama blames the Founding Fathers for gridlock in Congress.
  3. Obama blames Bush for Fast and Furious scandal.
  4. Blamed Bush for the VA scandal.
  5. Bush for the economy.
  6. Bush for the deficit.
  7. Bush
  8. Bush
  9. Bush
  10. And Bush
  11. Blamed Texas and Florida for unaffordable health care costs.
  12. Obama blamed Congress for Solyndra.
  13. And the Chinese.
  14. Blamed Insurers for cancelled policies under Obamacare.
  15. He blamed the Secret Service for the cancellation of White House tours.
  16. Blamed Republicans for the BP oil spill.
  17. Sebelius went under the bus for Obamacare.
  18. Fox News was responsible for his many scandals.
  19. Blamed Reagan for a distrust of government.
  20. An unknown filmmaker was blamed for an unwatched YouTube video for the terrorist attack in Benghazi.
  21. The aforementioned Hagel blame game. source

President Obama’s Hall of Blame:

President Obama has passed the buck to others – mainly George W. Bush – for no less than 13 problems that characterize his presidency, suggesting time and again that his own policies are not to blame for his difficulties and he is simply doing the best that can be done with the cards he was dealt.

Even so, Obama is aggressively staking a claim for successes for which Bush shares significant or nearly all responsibility, including increased drilling for oil and natural gas, the end of the Iraq War, and the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

What follows is a roster of Obama’s efforts to assign blame for 13 problems that prevail or have faced him during his presidency. In several cases, the quotes here are just one or two of many that show Obama passing the buck on a particular issue.

Oil Prices

“The key thing that is driving higher gas prices is actually the world’s oil markets and uncertainty about what’s going on in Iran and the Middle East, and that’s adding a $20 or $30 premium to oil prices.”

– March 23, 2012


“Obviously, we wish Solyndra hadn’t gone bankrupt. Part of the reason they did was because the Chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways that Solyndra couldn’t compete. But understand, this was not our program per se. Congress–Democrats and Republicans–put together a loan guarantee program.”

– March 22, 2012


“When I came into office there has been drift in the Afghanistan strategy, in part because we had spent a lot of time focusing on Iraq instead.  Over the last three years we have refocused attention on getting Afghanistan right.  Would my preference had been that we started some of that earlier?  Absolutely.  But that’s not the cards that were dealt.  We’re now in a position where, given our starting point, we’re making progress.”

– March 14, 2012


“When I took office, the efforts to apply pressure on Iran were in tatters.  Iran had gone from zero centrifuges spinning to thousands, without facing broad pushback from the world.  In the region, Iran was ascendant.”

– March 4, 2012

The Economy

“We’ve made sure to do everything we can to dig ourselves out of this incredible hole that I inherited.”

– February 23, 2012

The Deficit: 

“We thought that it was entirely appropriate for our governments and our agencies to try to root out waste, large and small, in a systematic way. Obviously, this is even more important given the deficits that we’ve inherited and that have grown as a consequence of this recession.”

– November 9, 2011

“When I first walked through the door, the deficit stood at $1.3 trillion, with projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. If we had taken office during ordinary times, we would have started bringing down these deficits immediately.”

– February 1, 2010

The Debt:

“Look, we do have a serious problem in terms of debt and deficit, and much of it I inherited when I showed up.”

– August 8, 2011

“I inherited a big debt.”

– March 29, 2011


“We inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression, a banking system on the verge of meltdown.  We had lost 4 million jobs by the time I was sworn in and would then lose another 4 million in the few months right after I was sworn in before our economic policies had a chance to take root.”

– May 10, 2011

The BP Gulf Oil Spill 

“In this instance, the oil industry’s cozy and sometimes corrupt relationship with government regulators meant little or no regulation at all. When Secretary Salazar took office, he found a Minerals and Management Service that had been plagued by corruption for years –- this was the agency charged with not only providing permits, but also enforcing laws governing oil drilling.”

– May 27, 2010

Decline of the nuclear stockpile

“Among the many challenges our administration inherited was the slow but steady decline in support for our nuclear stockpile and infrastructure, and for our highly trained nuclear work force.” (This one was offered up on Obama’s behalf by Vice President Biden).

– January 29, 2010

The Election of Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.)

“The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office. People are angry, and they’re frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

– January 20, 2010


“I took office at a time when many around the world had come to view America with skepticism and distrust.  Part of this was due to misperceptions and misinformation about my country.  Part of this was due to opposition to specific policies, and a belief that on certain critical issues, America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others.  And this has fed an almost reflexive anti-Americanism, which too often has served as an excuse for collective inaction.”

– September 23, 2009

The Financial Crisis

“We inherited a financial crisis unlike any that we’ve seen in our time.  This crisis crippled private capital markets and forced us to take steps in our financial system — and with our auto companies — that we would not have otherwise even considered.”

– June 1, 2009 source

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