Thursday, November 10, 2016

Musings after the Election 2016...

Thank you Matt Walsh:

Leftists today are searching for answers to explain their defeat. They arrived at a conclusion pretty quickly, it seems. Clinton lost because Americans are sexist, racist, bigoted, awful, stupid, and hateful. They nominated the worst candidate in the history of the United States and have decided that she lost because WE'RE defective. 

So, rather than simply gloating over their defeat, I'd like to help them make better sense of all of this. I know you probably won't listen, leftists, but in my piece I explain the three fundamental reasons why the next president will be named Donald Trump. None of the reasons have anything to do with any -ism. 

I'll elaborate in the article, but here's a snapshot:

1) Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, deceitful, detestable crook. It turns out that a lot of Americans were not enthused about the idea of putting a crime family back in the White House. It turns out that, actually, most Americans aren't willing to elect someone while she's under two active FBI investigations. Who knew? Well, we knew, but you wouldn't listen. 

2) This is very important: white working class Americans are tired of being lectured and insulted and condescended to and accused of bigotry. "All straight white men are racist and sexist" is, actually, not the best rallying cry. Especially because you need some of those straight white men to turn out for you, but why should they? You don't like them. You don't respect them. And it seems the feeling is mutual.

3) Your policies are failures. Exhibit A: Obamacare. 

These are the three reasons why you lost. Not bigotry. Not prejudice. It just comes down to these, and for your own good, you need to face that fact: