Monday, December 26, 2016

YES: Trump BLASTS Obama's Anti-Israel Resolution: Change Is Coming To The UN

On Friday, President Obama rammed a resolution through the United Nations, with the US technically abstaining, that reshaped the nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict on a fundamental level. It’s worth noting, of course, that the UN itself is an immoral body in which human rights violators like China and Russia preach about the morality of states which do not have a UN Security Council seat, in which the UN Human Rights Council offers equal input to terror states like Iran. It’s worth pointing out that the UN has a long history of aiding and abetting terrorism and murder.

Obama’s UN resolution didn’t change his long-standing anti-Semitic administration’s Israel policy (here’s a link to me denouncing his administration in precisely those terms in 2014). But here’s what Obama’s long-awaited stab-in-the-back against Israel actually changed.

1. Now The UN Says Israel Itself Is Illegitimate. The UN sanctioned Israel’s international legitimacy in 1947. Now, however, the UN has essentially rewritten international law to condemn Israel’s existence. As Omri Ceren, senior advisor to The Israel Project, states, “UNSCR 2334 existential not political. Past UN resolutions about Israel doing X. 2334 ex post facto rewrites international law about what Jewish state is…2334 flips West Bank legal status: Jewish state had great claim (mandate, San Remo, Sevres) vs. weak Arab claim (because 1948 rejection).” Further, Ceren points out, “2334 shows hostile anti-Israel diplomats can move goalposts any time. If 1948 lines can be imposed, why not 1947 lines? Or earlier?” Furthermore, the basis of Israel’s existence is Biblical – and that involves recognition that Israel is Jewish land, particularly those areas central to the Biblical narrative, nearly all of which are located in Judea and Samaria. This resolution declares the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount, Arab territory. That’s historical rewriting.

2. Oslo Is Dead. Oslo was a dead letter for years thanks to Palestinian Arab intransigence and terrorism, but the United States’ policy had been stable since 1993: America would veto any resolution regarding settlements, since that was an issue for bilateral negotiation toward a two-state solution. Now, the United States has undercut that policy, destroying the very basis of Oslo.


The Following From The Ben Shapiro Report:

Late on Friday, the Obama administration demonstrated before the world just how morally perverse they are, and why so many Americans can’t wait for their benighted perspective on foreign policy to become a relic of the past. With Obama’s silent urging and acquiescence, the United Nations passed a resolution essentially declaring the holiest spot in Judaism, the Temple Mount, sovereign Muslim territory, and determining that allJews living outside of pre-1967 lines are illegal residents on sovereign Muslim territory. Obama did this on behalf of a unity government comprised of three terrorist groups – Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Authority – and to the cheers of terror-sponsors like Iran.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration spoke words of empty nonsense as the Russian-backed Syrian regime continued its slaughter of hundreds of thousands just to Israel’s northeast.

Obama’s presidency has been a blot on the moral record of the United States with regard to world affairs, but his parting shot at Israel demonstrates his total animus for the Jewish state as a whole and his warmth toward the world’s leading terror-sponsors in Iran.

Thankfully, someone new arrives on January 20.

President-elect Donald Trump attempted stop the Obama UN atrocity before it began by publicly urging a veto, then working behind the scenes to scuttle Egypt’s sponsorship of the draft resolution. Obama then worked with the Palestinians to push it through with help from socialist dictatorship Venezuela and Senegal, which is currently threatening to invade Gambia.

Republicans have responded by threatening to cut off funding for the UN – a long overdo policy change that will massively improve American foreign policy, too long at the behest of the worst countries on the planet. Trump tweeted, “As to the UN, things will be different after Jan. 20th.

Good for him.

We hope and pray that he fulfills his word, and the UN becomes just as much of a relic as the Obama administration’s degenerate Middle Eastern manipulation.