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The Islamization of Germany in 2016...

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The Islamization of Germany in 2016
"Germany is no longer safe."

by Soeren Kern  •  January 2, 2017 at 5:00 am
  • Mass migration from the Muslim world is fast-tracking the Islamization of Germany, as evidenced by the proliferation of no-go zones, Sharia courts, polygamy and child marriages. Mass migration has also been responsible for a host of social disruptions, including jihadist attacks, a migrant rape epidemic, a public health crisis, rising crime and a rush by German citizens to purchase weapons for self-defense — and even to abandon Germany altogether.
  • Development Minister Gerd Müller warned that the biggest refugee movements to Europe are still to come. He said that only 10% of the migrants from the chaos in Iraq and Syria have reached Europe so far: "Eight to ten million migrants are still on the way."
  • "There are written instructions ... today we are not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees. This is government journalism, and this leads to a situation in which the public loses their trust in us. This is scandalous." — Wolfgang Herles, Deutschlandfunk public radio.
  • The Turkish government has sent 970 clerics — most of whom do not speak German — to lead 900 mosques in Germany that are controlled by the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), a branch of the Turkish government's Directorate for Religious Affairs, known in Turkish as Diyanet. Critics accuse Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of using DITIB mosques to prevent Turkish migrants from integrating into German society.
  • A Cologne police superintendent revealed that he was ordered to remove the term "rape" from an internal police report about the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve. He said that an official at the North-Rhine Westphalia Interior Ministry told him in an angry tone: "This is not rape. Remove this term from your report. Submit a new report."
  • The German branch of Open Doors, a non-governmental organization supporting persecuted Christians, reported that thousands of Christians in German refugee shelters are being persecuted by Muslims, sometimes even by their security guards.
  • A 23-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker wearing a T-shirt with the words "I'm Muslim Don't Panic" was assaulted by fellow refugees for offending Islam. He was beaten so badly that he was hospitalized.
  • Half of the three million ethnic Turks living in Germany believe it is more important to follow Islamic Sharia law than German law if the two are in conflict, according to a survey.
  • A document leaked to Der Spiegel revealed that more than 33,000 migrants who are supposed to be deported are still in Germany, being cared for by German taxpayers. Many of the migrants destroyed their passports and are believed to have lied about their countries of origin to make it impossible for them to be deported.
  • Migrants committed 142,500 crimes during the first six months of 2016, according to a report by the Federal Criminal Police Office. This is equivalent to 780 crimes committed by migrants every day, or 32.5 crimes each hour, an increase of nearly 40% over 2015. The data includes only those crimes in which a migrant suspect has been caught.
  • Bild, the largest-circulation newspaper in Germany, warned that the country was "capitulating to Islamic law."

The words "I HATE GERMANS" are spray-painted on a gravestone, one of more than 40 vandalized by Islamic State sympathizers at a cemetery in Konstanz, Germany. (Image source: Silvan500 video screenshot)
Germany's Muslim population surpassed six million in 2016 for the first time ever. Germany now vies with France for the highest Muslim population in Western Europe.
The increase in Germany's Muslim population is being fueled by mass migration. An estimated 300,000 migrants arrived in Germany in 2016, in addition to the more than one million who arrived in 2015. At least 80% (or 800,000 in 2015 and 240,000 in 2016) of the newcomers were Muslim, according to the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.
In addition to the newcomers, the rate of population increase of the Muslim community already living in Germany is around 1.6% per year (or 77,000), according to data extrapolated from a Pew Research Center study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe.
Based on Pew projections, which were proffered before the current migration crisis, the Muslim population of Germany was to have reached an estimated 5,145,000 by the end of 2015.

"Tolerance" in Tunisia

by Tharwa Boulifi  •  January 2, 2017 at 4:00 am
  • The thing that struck me most is that they had no beards. Terrorism seems to be changing tactics. It no longer shows up as beards, revolvers, religious clothing... But it has started to take over our daily lives: in buses, subways, streets, supermarkets, maybe mostly in the slums. Every day, there, terrorists are being snapped up by ISIS.
  • "Religion" for me now just means "violence" and "kill."
  • The thing is, Muslims generally do not have great arguments, so they just insult us. The subject of religion seems taboo for them: seeing other people -- especially those who do not share their same beliefs -- criticizing or asking questions about it is considered a humiliation. Discussing Islam means questioning its credibility, and so humiliating it.
  • Discussing Islam also seems a threat to their psychological safety: having the same beliefs and the same God is a sort of a reassurance and protection. To cast doubt on their religion means breaking into their "comfort zone" -- and possibly even raising doubts.
  • For many, religious tolerance has become a business currency -- a way to promote tourism, improve relations with other countries, elevate Tunisia's image and benefit from the aid of rich countries. But that only makes tolerance a mask worn for personal gain.

Tunis, Tunisia. (Image source: Pixabay)
The subway is something I do not go on a lot anymore, said the boy. On the subway, said the boy, people still gave me the evil eye; probably the long hair. Last time, a friend phoned; I spoke to him in Arabic. Soon after, a group of young men came up.
One said, "Are you Tunisian?"
"Yes," I said.
Then, one of them saw the cross.
"Are you a Muslim?" he said.
"The cross is a gift," I said. Then I told them the truth. "I am atheist," I said.
I tried to ignore them, but one of them grabbed me by the shoulder.
"Oh really?" he said. "Then where do you think you are going after your death? Who created the universe if it was not Allah? If you do not revere Allah, you must revere Satan."
Their clothes were torn and they were covered with dirt; they seemed to come from poor neighborhoods.
"You should be stoned to death," one of them said. "I hope your body will burn to ashes in hell. You are nothing but a slave of the Devil!"