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Going green in Antarctica:
No, Antarctica isn't busting out the green beer for St. Patrick's Day. But a new satellite image of the continent shows strange green ice floating in the Ross Sea.

Furry bird-eaters:
Avicularia, a confusing genus of large "birdeater" tarantulas, gets a scientific makeover in a new study.

Sea arch:
The iconic 'Azure Window' sea arch in Malta collapsed completey into the sea after heavy rainstorms pounded the area.

Bank, the sea turtle:
A sea turtle in Thailand had to undergo an operation to remove 915 coins from its stomach.

Tiny Predator, Amazing eyes:
The robber fly can spot and catch prey from more than 100 body lengths away.

Rare rhino:
A first-of-its-kind killing in a zoo does not surprise some conservationists familiar with rhino poaching.

Smelly feet:
Bumblebees mark the flowers they've visited with smelly footprints, and they can tell the difference between odors from family members' feet and those of strangers.

Celeb species:
What does British naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough have in common with the Finnish founder of a symphonic metal band?

A sinking valley:
A new map made with satellite radar data shows the sinking of California's San Joaquin Valley in deceptively tranquil colors.

Lightning from space:
A new weather satellite promises to deliver unprecedented data on Earth's lightning, and it has already captured its first spectacular images of storms from space.