Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Republicans or Democrats?".....ready, aim, fire...feel the bern?

"Republicans or Democrats?"
1. Republican team practice was occurring when a shooter opened fire on GOP members of Congress and staff.
[Reports from the scene are harrowing]

2. But the LEFT told us that recent plays and portrayals of violence were just ART.
[FLASHBACK: Shakespeare in the Park, featuring Trump, receives standing ovation]

3. Right away, the ghoulish LEFTIST gun grabbers drag out their agenda.
​[While the blood is still warm]

4. Liberals also took to Twitter with #LoveWins rhetoric.
[Oh wait, no they didn't. Quite the opposite]

5. Sen. Rand Paul says that having Rep. Scalise's security detail there prevented a horrible tragedy.
​[Said it could have been a "massacre"]

6. From the early reports, though, as in all atrocities, tragedy, and violence, there were the helpers, the heroes, the selfless who came to aid and save.
[Always look for the helpers]

7. The shooter has been identified, and has died from gunshots fired by Steve Scalise's security detail.
[From Belleville, Illinois]