Friday, July 28, 2017

Military Newsletter Latest intelligence on the world situation, updates on US military capabilities, news that affects Military retirees, and news that will probably never be reported by the "Liberal American Media!"

Military Newsletter
Latest intelligence on the world situation, updates on US military capabilities, news that affects Military retirees, 
and news that will probably never be reported by the "Liberal American Media!"
Edited by Lt Col Kent Vasby, USAF, Ret

Brewers are losing to the Nationals - 15 to 1 - in the 6th!

Newly Commissioned Carrier Ford’s Leap-Ahead Technology Approach May Be a Thing of the Past
Saturday’s commissioning of aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) was a celebration of the end of a long and at-times hard road to bring the warship and its many new technologies to the fleet – a path the Navy may not choose to take again.

Navy announces fix to Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System
The Navy identified the fix in 2015, but wasn’t finished testing it until this summer, according to the release.

That time Marines in a firefight called customer service for help with an M-107
When you need help, there’s nothing embarrassing about asking for it. Especially when the pressure is on to get it right as soon as possible.

Rifles are no different. And if you have to call an arms manufacturer for a problem there, it’s probably a big deal.
That’s why Barrett Firearms Manufacturing provides service for its products long after they enter military service. Most notably, the beloved Barrett M-107 .50-caliber rifle.
Don Cook is a Marine Corps veteran who has been working at Barrett for 17 years. In an interview with National Geographic, he recalled the time he received an interesting call on the customer service line — a call from troops in an active firefight.

220 Year-Old USS Constitution Leaves Dry Dock Following Two-Years of Repairs
Today, perhaps 15 percent of USS Constitution – including the keel – is original material from the 1790s, but the spirit of the world’s oldest commissioned ship afloat remains intact as a 26-month restoration winds down.

That Time the CIA Tried to Train Cats to Be Spies

Pakistani village elders order retaliatory rape of 17 year old girl
Village elders in Pakistan ordered the rape of a 17-year-old girl after her brother was accused of raping another girl. 

Hypothetically speaking, U.S. Admiral says ready for nuclear strike on China if Trump so ordered
The U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, addressing a security conference in Australia, said in answer  to a question on Thursday that he would be prepared to launch a nuclear strike on China if President Donald Trump so ordered.   The fleet spokesman later said the question was asked as an "outrageous hypothetical".


Russia probe: Democrats block key witness against shadowy firm Fusion GPS
Senate Democrats used a parliamentary maneuver Wednesday to cut short a high-profile hearing, where a key witness was set to testify on Russia's misdeeds and also raise fresh allegations against the company behind the infamous anti-Trump dossier. 

Trump Stands With the Troops
"Be advised that the United States government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military."
In the Obama years, the military was starved for funds and used as a playground for the Left’s bizarre ideas. In the Trump/Pence administration, our warriors are being freed from the Left’s progressive experiments. That is something to celebrate.
But, my friends, the Left’s counterattack is coming. We must be ready.
Navy will have to scrap these documents
CO is supposed to use the "toolkit" to affect gender transition?

Hidden meaning in this headline?
"The military spends more on giving retirees erections than on transgender troops"

He FightsThanks, RP
My Leftist friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum. They ask if I don’t think his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the office.” Here’s my answer: 
We Right-thinking people have tried dignity. There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined his presidency. We tried statesmanship. Could there be another human being on this earth who so desperately prized “collegiality” as John McCain? We tried propriety – has there been a nicer human being ever than Mitt Romney? And the results were always the same. 
This is because, while we were playing by the rules of dignity, collegiality and propriety, the Left has been, for the past 60 years, engaged in a knife fight where the only rules are those of Saul Alinsky and the Chicago mob. 
Trump’s tweets may seem rash and unconsidered but, in reality, he is doing exactly what Alinsky suggested his followers do. 

Trump's Circular Firing Squadby Victor Davis Hanson 
The result of the circular firing squad is a crazed shootout where everyone gets hit.
Forgotten in the hail of 360-degree suicide gunfire is the only story that counts: the welfare of the United States.


Foxconn Announces $10B American Factory in Wisconsin 
President Trump takes credit
The Taiwanese electronics giant famous for manufacturing Apple smartphones will spend $10 billion over four years to build a new LCD TV screen plant in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the state will award $3 billion in incentives over 15 years to the factory, which will initially employ 3,000 people.

Dementia Villages Return Patients to the Past 
Nostalgia is a powerful thing. From New Zealand to the Netherlands, dementia care facilities are turning to “reminiscence therapy,” which takes advantage of patients’ rose-colored memories of their youths by recreating the design and feel of the 1950s and ’60s to create interactive environments.


After a day fishing on Lake Michigan, a fisherman is walking from the pier carrying two brown trout in a bucket. He is approached by a Conservation Officer who asks him for his fishing license. 
 The fisherman says to the warden, "I was not fishing and I did not catch these browns, they are my pets. Every day I come down to the water and dump these fish into the water and take them for a walk to the end of the pier and back. When I'm ready to go I whistle and they jump back into the bucket and we go home. The officer not believing him, reminds him that it is illegal to fish without a license. 
 The fisherman turns to the warden and says, "If you don't believe me then watch," as he throws  the trout back into the water. 
 The warden says, "Now whistle to your fish and show me that they will jump out of the water and into the bucket." 
 The fisherman turns to the officer and says, "What fish?" 

A farmer in the country noticed that a gentleman would fish at the lake (close to the farmer's house) and would always leave with a stringer full of fish. 
 The fellow had a boat but a fishing pole was not to be seen. The farmer mentioned the situation  to the game warden. The warden then started watching this man and all that the farmer said was true! The man would arrive at the lake in the morning and by early afternoon, he had a stringer full of fish. 
 The warden dressed like a fisherman one day and approached the man. They exchanged pleasantries and the stranger asked the warden in disguise to come fish with him. They boated for 45 minutes and arrived at a secluded spot. 
 The stranger then pulled out a stick of dynamite. The warden said, "I'm going to have to place you under arrest--I am a game warden and you are fishing illegally!" 
 The stranger calmly lit the stick of dynamite and handed it to the warden. The stranger then said, "Are you gonna talk or fish?" 


There is no arguing with cowboy logic. 
The Sierra Club and the US Forest Service were presenting an alternative to Wyoming ranchers for controlling the coyote population. It seems that after years of the ranchers using the tried and true methods of shooting and/or trapping the predator, the tree-huggers had a "more humane" solution. What they proposed was for the animals to be captured alive, the male castrated and let loose again and the population would be controlled. 
 This was ACTUALLY proposed to the Wyoming Wool and Sheep Grower's Association by the Sierra Club and the USFS. All of the ranchers thought about this amazing idea for a couple of minutes. 
 Finally, an old boy in the in the back stood up, tipped his hat back and said, "Son, I don't think you understand the problem. Those coyotes ain't f*ckin' our sheep, they're eatin' 'em. 

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