Sunday, September 25, 2016

Difficult Story That You Will Not Like to Read It

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Difficult Story That You Will Not Like to Read It

by Hakim Haider  •  September 25, 2016 at 5:00 am

  • Am thinking that, how it is possible that Some One is drink these? And, A female is drink these? And Muhammad is saying, "Listen all your disease go a Way"? What is it means Muhammad allow his companion to drink that?

  • "Your Status just equal to DOG and you are asking a questions to me about Islam, I know very well how to Run the Islam, you do not bark with me again like this again!" After saying this he free my Ears and Shove me in his feet again and I massage them.

  • On Next day I went to Different Islamic Scholars at Different Islamic Sects or Groups and asking same Question. Every One tells me "O That Sect is based on Lie you follow our Sects or Group".

From an Ottoman manuscript, two doctors telling a pharmacist how to make different medicines.

Friday for Muslims is its Holy Day. On this Day, Muslims offering strange Prayer in Mosque who is near me. Before this, a Mulla presenting A Speech in a Mother Language, contemplatively he say. Mullah is tell Us different things about Islam. Once Mulla tell us, "Kill those all who does not beleave on ALLAH, until Pugnacity does not end. And you may not raise hand but just on those who does not beleave on Quran."

Am attending the Mosque regularly from my Childhood so that is why the Mosque near to my House. I went there five time in a Day for offering my Prayer and cleaning the Mosque on the order of my teacher (Mulla). If I do not do this than he is beating me in a Mosque and in night Mulla order me daily to Massage his Legs and Feet, So am do all this regularly.

After listening this, am surprized and Contemplative on my religion and my Self.

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