Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tonight on CTN-10 TV Watch Chris Quackenbush, Don Armstrong and Byron Donalds

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Tonight, CTN-10 will replay our show at 7:30 pm. Please tune in for the thoughts and ideas that will turn our schools around! On Comcast, it's channel 439. If you miss it and want to watch another time, Click this link

Byron Donalds did a marvelous job moderating our discussion which was designed to be a debate. Our opponents chose not to come so we were able to present our concerns and plans as a forum. I can see they might have had concerns because they do not have a plan to improve schools and scores dropped 23% in math in just the four years my opponent has been on the board. She rightly graded herself an "F" for her own board performance and so why should we trust her again? That isn't working for our children in Lee County. We need new answers and fresh voices on the Lee County School Board, and I'd appreciate your vote!

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We are down to 26 days, but who's counting!? I am so grateful for the many new friends who have joined us to help restore Common Sense in the classroom. There are critical choices up and down the ticket and turnout will be key to success for the future of our nation and especially our children. I hope you will vote and make certain all those you know will also!

You can also call and share your choices with your neighbors and friends. Prepare a sample ballot and share in emails to your friends and on social media. Write letters to the editor to share your views. What we do, or do NOT do now, may tip the balance for our future.

Your Candidate for Common Sense, not Common Core in Lee County School Board, District 7 Countywide

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