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Posted: 01 May 2016 08:29 PM PDT

President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and CIA Director John Brennan all have one thing in common: they tout Islam as the religion of peace in the face of clear, incontrovertible, and undeniable evidence that Islam is an intolerant war-like religion based on spreading its message through force, coercion, or bribery throughout the world. This worldview helps to explain why our foreign policy supports the Muslim Brotherhood and provides material aid and comfort to those said to be terrorists, all the while disparaging and disadvantaging Israel.


So can you believe the CIA director when he claims that releasing the 28-pages of classified information from the 9/11 report would be a mistake?

CIA director: '28 pages' contain inaccurate information

CIA Director John Brennan said Sunday that releasing the 28 classified pages from the 9/11Commission report would be a mistake because they contain inaccurate, un-vetted information that could be used to tie Saudi Arabia to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks

"This chapter was kept out because of concerns about sensitive methods, investigative actions, and the investigation of 9/11 was still underway in 2002," Brennan said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"I think there's a combination of things that are accurate and inaccurate [in the report]," Brennan said. "I think the 9/11 Commission took that joint inquiry and those 28 pages or so and followed through on the investigation and then came out with a very clear judgment that there was no evidence that ... Saudi government as an institution or Saudi officials or individuals had provided financial support to al Qaeda."

Former and current congressmen argue the pages show the existence of a Saudi support network for the hijackers involved in the terror attacks. The 28 pages were cut from a report on the 9/11 terror attacks in 2003 by the George W. Bush administration in the interest of national security.

Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who helped author the report, says he believes it shows the 9/11 hijackers were "substantially" supported by the Saudi government, as well as charities and wealthy people in that country. "I think it is implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn't speak English, most of whom had never been in the United States before, many of whom didn't have a high school education — could've carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States," Graham said in an interview with "60 Minutes" in April.

In response to that legislation [to release the 28-page], which President Obama has lobbied against, the Saudi government threatened to sell off hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of American assets.

Read more at: CIA director: '28 pages' contain inaccurate information | TheHill

And, it was not only the Obama Administration that withheld this information. The Bush Administration not only withheld the 28-pages, but appeared to assist Saudi assets, including members of bin Laden’s family, in leaving the country after the attack – without being interviewed by the FBI about any possible role in the terrorist attack. Understandable because of the Bushes friendliness and  business ties with Saudi Arabia. And not to forget Bush (41) also served as the CIA Director.

Bin Laden Family Evacuated

Two dozen members of Osama bin Laden's family were urgently evacuated from the United States in the first days following the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, according to the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

Most of bin Laden's relatives were attending high school and college. The young members of the bin Laden family were driven or flown under FBI supervision to a secret place in Texas and then to Washington, The Times reported Sunday.

They left the country on a private charter plane when airports reopened three days after the attacks.

King Fahd, the ailing Saudi ruler, sent an urgent message to his embassy in Washington pointing out that there were "bin Laden children all over America" and ordered, "Take measures to protect the innocents," the ambassador said. <Source: CBS News>

So can we believe CIA Director John Brennan who served as the CIA Station Chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

Former Congressman and military man, Colonel Alan West,  observes…

That speech the CIA director gave in Arabic on the beauty of Islam

In 2010, John Brennan, the current Director of the CIA, gave a speech extolling the beauty of Islam. I hope you’ll watch this three-minute clip. I’m not interested in contradicting Brennan’s opinion of the glorious aspects of Islam, or commenting on the fact he spoke fluent Arabic, and hoped “Insha’Allah” to study it again one day.

What concerns me most about this speech is that a senior member of our National Security team, and now currently the CIA director, referred to the capital of Israel in the first instance not as Jerusalem — but as Al Quds. That is a blatant slap and disrespect to our ally in the Middle East, the State of Israel.

If that is the sentiment within the Obama administration, then it more than explains why current Secretary of State John Kerry is negotiating a ceasefire on behalf of an Islamic terrorist organization. What I did find odd was that Mr. Brennan never made any references to the history of continuous violence in Islam since 622 AD — the time of Mohammed’s Hijra from Mecca to Medina. And I guess those ISIS fellas are simply celebrating Islam’s beauty by threatening others to become a part of it, or be killed. <Source>

Bottom line …

Release the documents. Empanel another 9/11 commission. And, resolve the discrepancies – along with a list of those who suppressed, altered, or classified information for political or ideological gain. 

Something stinks. And, I believe it is the Saudis who have funded an international system of Mosques, many of which are said to preach jihad, to spread the Saudi’s virulent strain of Whabbism around the globe.  Don’t let anyone tell you different. ISIS is practicing fundamentalist Islam as it is taught by the Whabbists. And, I would suspect that the Saudis have made a Faustian deal the terrorists; don’t attack or destabilize the Kingdom and the ruling family in return for funding and operational support.

We are so screwed when it appears our enemies have infiltrated our government at the very highest levels; infecting our institutions and bureaucracy to carry out an anti-America, anti-Jew agenda long after the leadership has left power.

-- steve


Posted: 04 May 2016 01:01 PM PDT


The day after Ted Cruz suspended his campaign in the face of a massive media campaign by Fox and others, I do not think I am in the mood to donate to a media watchdog that was blind to the all-Trump, all-the-time super-PAC known as Fox … [my comments in bracketed blue italics[


Dear Patriot, 

Let's be clear: the Media Research Center is non-partisan and we take no sides in this election or any other. But we do and will hold the media accountable when they try to get their favorite candidates elected.

[It appears to me that you started with a BIG lie. If you actually held the media accountable when they try to get their favorite candidates elected, you would have been all over Fox for their all-Trump, all-the-time coverage that decimated the Cruz campaign and repeated some of the most scurrilous lies put forth by Trump in the form of “someone told me” and “look at that” – especially the crap put forth by the National Enquirer with little or no basis in fact. As for that non-partisan assertion, why is this headline addressed “Dear Patriot?” Do you have another series addressed “Dear Communist?”]

As clear as day, the leftist media are taking sides right now. Self-appointed news media, such as George Stephanopoulos, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and many others, are "in bed" with the administration, and exposing this love affair is going to change the landscape of this election.  

[Non-partisan? Hold the media accountable? What about Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, and Greta van Susteren at Fox who are not only “in bed” with the administration, but have changed the landscape of this nation when they destroyed the Cruz candidacy?]

Take a look at MRC's EXCLUSIVE cartoon that depicts the media's love affair with the Left! <link redacted

Some of the most horrific examples of the media's love affair with the Left is in their loyalty to Hillary Clinton: covering up the Benghazi disaster, manipulating the coverage of the email server scandal, and downplayingthe contributions made to the Clinton Foundation. 

[One might want to take a closer look at Fox and the horrific examples of not being “fair and balanced” and manipulating the audience with their “we report, you decide” – but never mentioning they pick what they report, so you can decide from their choices.]

Truthfully, I don't want MSNBC or CNN or the New York Times to elect the next President. I want the American public, fully informed with the truth, to do it. Don't you? Click here if you can help the MRC bring truth to media coverage this election season. <link redacted

[Likewise, I do not want Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes and Fox to elect the next President – but that appears to be what is happening.]

it [sic] is clear that for conservative ideas to get a fair hearing this year, we must be able to go head-to-head against the liberal media... expose their socialist bias... and neutralize their efforts to elect the most left wing candidate possible. 

[“conservative ideas?” Yeah, that’s non-partisan. Yeah right!]

To expose this leftist juggernaut in 2016, I will need you like never before.The MRC is the only group in America that can stop the propaganda arm of the Left: the liberal media.

[Do you even know the meaning of “non-partisan?”And who is going to stop the propaganda arm of the Establishment like Fox News?]

The leftist press will succeed in stealing the elections through deceit and character assassination - unless we conservatives take decisive action right now. This is why our $25,000 goal to prepare for the 2016 national conventions are so vital... so important. 

[“Deceit and character assassination?” You could be speaking about the Trump campaign. And, spare me the bullshit about “we conservatives.” Those that claimed they were conservatives, turned tail and ran when faced with a constitutional conservative candidate in Ted Cruz. Not the conservatives on the ground, but most of the professed conservatives in the media. Where are the tough guys like Mark Levin who told you where he stood, how he arrived at his decision, and explained why it was important for a conservative to be elected. As for $25,000 why not ask Fox to chip in since you seem to spend some amount of time on their so-called network? It’s chump change for them.] 

I believe our "Tell the Truth!" 2016 campaign will be the most important endeavor we have ever undertaken at the MRC. It will have a potentially historic impact on the future of our country. You and I must commit ourselves to this fight like never before - starting right now - if freedom is to have a future in America. 

[This reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s line in A Few Good Men. “You can’t handle the truth!” The establishment GOP and Fox appear to have impacted both freedom and our fight for the nation. Unless something unforeseen happens at the GOP convention, we are screwed and you are still staying silent about those who helped the left achieve their agenda.]



L. Brent Bozell
Founder and President 

Media Research Center 

P.S.: No one else is doing what we do to neutralize the Left's most powerful asset - the news media - in their plan to win another term and radically transform America. But we need our guerrilla marketing campaign fully funded and fully operational this month to have any chance of leveling the playing field for all candidates. Help us raise the $25,000 we need to wage this war when our country need it most. <link redacted>

[And what conservative group is calling out Fox for their unfair and unbalanced coverage. It is amazing when CNN had fairer (even given the leftward bias) coverage of the candidates.]

Bottom line …

Discouraged, but not despondent. The conservatives will re-group and fight another day. It appears that we need to concentrate on holding a voting majority in the House and and getting a conservative voting majority in the Senate to protect the nation against what may be coming. Remember, with a strong Senate (and without progressives like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the other gutless RINOs) no liberal Supreme Court nominee can be confirmed. 

We are so screwed.

-- steve