Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weekly InSight | 10 March 2017

News Analysis

Defining a Mafia State: The Case of Guatemala

On March 2, InSight Crime held a Facebook Live session to discuss current events related to organized crime in Latin America. Our main topic was the creation of a mafia state in Guatemala, and the recent US indictment against former top Guatemalan officials on drug charges. We have published the transcript of the introduction to our conversation.
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Top Honduras Drug Trafficker Captured in Guatemala

US Report Shows Revitalized Central America Cocaine Corridor

New Documentary 'Clandestino' Sheds Light on Sinaloa Cartel

Are US Anti-Crime Programs in Central America Working?

Colombia Prematurely Claims Victory in Fight for Former FARC Turf

Honduras Extraditions Expose Judicial System's Weak Links


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In response to the Colombian government's disputable claim that it has "already won" the battle to occupy former FARC guerrilla turf, InSight Crime has mapped just one of the threats the state still faces.
In this week's Facebook Live session, InSight Crime investigators discussed what international media often miss when covering violence against women. Watch this spacefor next week's topic.